Germany Out of World Cup – A Big Shock Across the Football World

During Germany’s World Cup 2014, they had the air of invincibility. However, their recent decline has led to a big shock across the football world.

Germany’s air of invincibility has long since gone

Despite having a storied history, the Germans have been more than a little disappointing over the past few months. While the nation did manage to qualify for the knockout round of the Euros, they finished as average underdogs. While the nation has its merits, its latest blunders will likely haunt them for a few years to come. It’s hard to be happy with such an achievement if you’re a diehard supporter. It’s a sad state of affairs, and one which the nation’s football hierarchy will be quick to rectify.

Germany stumbled in the relegation zone, losing to South Korea in the first round of the Euros and to Mexico in the group stage. The country also managed to find itself on the losing end of the World Cup qualifying draw, albeit in a group that boasted the likes of England, Italy and Spain. That, coupled with a slew of injuries and a lack of top notch defenders, made the nation’s quest for continental glory all the more difficult.

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Germany’s decline since their 2014 World Cup triumph

Despite winning the World Cup in 2014, Germany has endured a severe decline since then. While some Germans hope for a revival of optimism, others complain that commercialization of professional football is threatening the sport.

In Germany’s World Cup campaign, the team was lacking in incision and goal chances. They finished third in the group behind Portugal and Spain, and failed to progress from the group in the UEFA Nations League.

The German Football Association (DFB) took steps to rebuild and develop the nation’s footballing talent. They used a youth development system, increased full-time coaching, and invested in facilities. This created a new generation of international stars.

The new players were eager to prove themselves. They contributed well to Germany’s Confederation Cup victory and contributed well to Germany’s run to the semifinals.

The team looked lead-footed and fast, but the team failed to score. The team had no real natural striker, and the team relied on set pieces.

The new coach emphasized physical fitness, youth, and preparation methods. He adopted a new style of play from FC Bayern Munich.

Germany’s biggest hope Jamal Musiala was at times the best player on the pitch

During Germany’s World Cup campaign in 2018, Jamal Musiala was one of the best players on the pitch. He was the heartbeat of Germany’s final third. He had the ability to create goal-scoring opportunities for others and was a threat to the opposition defense in limited possession.

Musiala is a young and rising star. He joined Bayern Munich in 2019 at age 16. He is the club’s youngest ever Bundesliga player. He has scored a total of 63 goals since joining the club. He is also the leading scorer in the league for direct goal involvements. He has also been rated as one of the best players in the German domestic league by TransferMarkt.

Jamal Musiala has made a meteoric rise in Bayern Munich over the past two years. He has become the club’s best player in the Bundesliga, and he is also in contention for the Golden Ball. His dribbling skills are unpredictability. He is also a strong fighter and is not afraid to make a tackle.

Germany’s comeback to beat Costa Rica 4-2 saved the Spaniards

Despite an early lead against Costa Rica, Germany squandered several opportunities to extend its lead before halftime. They eventually ended up losing 4-2 to the Central American team, sending Germany out of the 2022 World Cup after three matches. The result was a shock to all involved.

Costa Rica had the lead briefly, but Kai Havertz responded with a goal in the 73rd minute. He was left unmarked by Costa Rica as he expertly negotiated one-on-one with Keylor Navas.

After Yeltsin Tejeda’s goal, Germany’s lead was restored. Kai Havertz scored again in the 85th minute. Niclas Fullkrug added a goal in the 89th minute. The result sent Spain into the Round of 16 and ensured a healthy goal difference.

Japan shocked Spain 2-1 in the other Group E match. It was the first time that Germany has been eliminated from a major tournament after being behind for more than half the match. Japan went on to beat Spain and advance to the knockout stage.

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