What Services are Included in Exterior Painting

Keeping the exterior of any residential or commercial building well-maintained is very important. People usually renovate the interior but don’t pay much attention to exterior looks. The exterior gets worn out much faster than the interior of any building because of harsh climate conditions, i.e., rain, heat, storm, etc. This is why it is recommended to maintain the exterior of any building, whether residential or commercial, from time to time. One of the ways to do this is to do exterior painting. Painting can give a new look and feel to any building’s exterior. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders and boost your property’s value. If you want to hire a professional company for this job and don’t know many details, this guide will greatly help you. Below are the steps that are a part of any exterior painting job. 

Cost Estimation

When you hire commercial painting services for your property’s exterior, you’ll initially be working with an estimator. This estimator will come to your home for a meeting and gather all the details required for the paint job. After gathering the information, he will provide you with a hands-on estimate of the entire cost of your project. Major professional painting companies provide a free-of-cost estimate that works in favor of both the client and contractor. Once the contract is signed, the exterior painting of the house is scheduled as soon as possible. The estimator will also provide a proper schedule and an idea of how long the project will take.  

High-Quality Paint Selection

After getting the estimate, you will be working with a color consultant to choose the right quality paint for your house. The estimate is given as per the highest quality of the paint available. Professional exterior painters in Chapel Hill prefer latex paints which contain paint pigments, a binder to hold the stain, and solvents to spread the paint easily. Acrylic paints are also preferred as they are water-based. Once the paint gets dried, the solvent will automatically evaporate, leaving the paint and glue alone. High-quality paints usually leave a better impression after drying and last longer than low-quality paints.

Landscape Protection

Landscape protection is another essential part of any paint job. Here your painter will cover all of the plants and shrubs with a protective layer to protect them from over spraying paint. Although expert painters have equipment that reduces the overspray rate, precautions are still necessary. The client can address this particular concern before the start of the paint job so that the painter takes appropriate measures.

External Washing and Peeling of Damaged Paint

Old walls naturally become dirty and grimy, which leads to the formation of mold beneath the fresh paint. Therefore, before the paint renewal, the external walls are washed thoroughly, and the damaged paint is removed. A combination of hot water with phosphate-free cleaners and mildew removers is used. The painters will apply this solution by hand using a sponge. This process is very tricky and requires a lot of movement, especially moving up and down the ladder.

In some cases, painters also hire professional cleaners, as this isn’t their job, or they might damage your property. When the walls dry, any residual paint is peeled off from the wall using a scrapper. A heat gun is also used in some cases by the painters to speed up the process. 

Surface Preparation

Before applying a primer or the final coat of paint, initial preparation is done. The professional exterior painters in Chapel Hill will check if any areas on your wall require repairing or filling. It is very important to level the entire surface for a smooth application of primer and the final coat of paint. This will prevent the surface from any rough texture on it. Cracks or holes in the walls are fixed immediately with the help of caulking. Also, small holes around the doors or the points where you have window openings are fixed. Caulking is commonly used in paint jobs and effectively fills the holes to ensure incredible results. Furthermore, if there is a drainage problem that is causing damage to the exterior walls, your painter will point them out. With the help of it, you can also fix the waterlogging problem. 

Primer Application

The application of a primer is considered one of the main parts of commercial painting services. It is done immediately after the surface gets ready and all the cracks and holes are repaired. White, gray, or colored primers ensure an even surface for gluing coatings, and a smooth layer is formed to see whether the work is okay. 

Final Paint Coat Application

Finally, your painter will start to apply the final coat of paint from top to bottom. When the first coat is applied, it is left for more than 12 hours so that it can dry properly. Then a second coat is applied for a smooth view. This coat is left for 24 hours. If the painter feels another coat is needed, he will apply it. Although, it isn’t needed in many cases. If you want long-lasting results, quality paint should be used, and you must treat it right. Therefore, you must always follow the recommendations of your painter

Every professional painting job service follows the steps mentioned above. So, whenever you hire one for yourself, make sure that they are following all the steps and not leaving anything to ensure a perfect painting job.

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