What is Digital Marketing? Does Digital Marketing Work?

What is Digital Marketing?

What digital marketing can do for companies is dependent on the purpose of every kind of marketing content that includes increasing brand recognition and authority within the industry, as well as increasing the number of visitors to websites and the number of leads and revenue.

Advertising your business online is very popular nowadays. In fact, the use of the internet has increased by more than a third in the last ten years. And this shift has profoundly affected the way consumers purchase products and interact with businesses.

What is Digital Marketing?

Similar to another kind of advertising, digital marketing can be used to reach out and influence your prospective customers. The difference is that you accomplish this on the internet through the combination of a digital marketing agency in Riyadh, and digital marketing services channels, which include videos as well as social media posts. Content marketing, internet, and social media advertising, as well as the search engine market.


Companies achieve their goals by using the methods above instead of traditional strategies to promote their business, like billboards, ads on television, and promotional mail that is delivered to the homes of consumers.

Common Digital Marketing Assets

Nearly anything is an online marketing asset, which is every marketing tool you utilize online. However, you might not be aware of how many options are available. Here are some examples:

Your site

  • Branded assets (logos and icons, and acronyms)
  • Video content (video ads, product demos)
  • Images (infographics, corporate and product photographs)
  • Content is written (blog posts, ebooks, product descriptions, Help Sections “learning center-type” content, or online courses)
  • Online tools or products (SaaS, calculators, Interactive content)
  • Reviews
  • Pages on social media

As you might think, the list just scratched the surface. A majority of the digital marketing assets belong to the categories mentioned above. But smart marketers are always finding new ways to engage with their customers via the internet, and the list is expanding.

Common Digital Marketing Strategies

Although the collection of digital marketing strategies is constantly changing, These are some of the most well-known and efficient strategies employed by businesses:


“Pay-per-click” (PPC) advertisement is a broad term that encompasses all online marketing in which the business that advertises pays every time a user is able to click on an ad.


Paid search ads are one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers who are seeking the same product or service as yours. Google, Bing, and Yahoo permit you to display advertisements in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Based on Google, 91% of users search using smartphones. Every aspect of your PPC, as well as paid-search marketing campaigns, must be optimized for mobile devices so that your company doesn’t miss out on those potential customers and clicks. If you’re not getting the right results in this regard, you’ll need to overhaul your digital marketing strategy immediately.


Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat permit users to purchase advertising on their websites.


Search Engine Optimization, also called SEO, is the process employed by professionals in digital media marketing to ensure that blogs and page posts are ranked naturally on SERPs. It requires more expertise and expertise to make it to the first page of Google by using SEO than paid search ads, and it can take a long time to complete.

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Similar to SEO like SEO, social media marketing is a free method to utilize platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote your business using digital methods. However, advertising your business on social media requires longer and more work than advertising paid for. However, it is extremely effective when you’re working with a smaller budget. The use of social media for marketing can be among the most effective digital marketing strategies that you can employ regardless of whether you spend money on it.


Optimizing conversion rate (CRO) enhances the experience of users on the web to boost the number of users who take the desired action, which is known as conversion. It’s as easy as convincing them to click on a hyperlink and sign to your newsletter. Companies often employ CROs to gain leads, chats, and calls or sales through their current web traffic and to increase conversions.


Marketing is a broad term used in digital marketing. Content marketing refers to all digital marketing initiative that makes use of media assets (blog posts, information graphics, eBooks and infographics, videos, etc.). To increase brand recognition or generate leads, clicks, or sales. In the end, when you integrate these elements in the correct way create a clear online marketing strategy.


Have you observed that at the end of an article you’re reading, there’s frequently a list of recommended articles? This is called native advertising. The majority of it falls under the category of content marketing since it makes use of content to draw viewers. It’s often difficult to identify since it’s often mixed with recommendations for non-paid content. Naturally, that’s part of the purpose.


Marketing via email is the most popular method of marketing online, and it’s still in use. Many digital marketers use it for advertising special offers and highlighting content, as well as to promote an event. It allows you to reach people who might not be on the more popular platforms, such as social media.


Affiliate marketing is when you pay another person — whether it’s a company or a person, to advertise your products or services via their websites.

There are a variety of ways to advertise your business online. This is the reason why many businesses outsource their marketing tasks.  Hire an internal team and automated software to meet their marketing requirements. This is a situation in which spending a few dollars will definitely increase your returns on investments (ROI).

Does Digital Marketing Work?

Digital marketing is an ideal alternative for any company looking to make the most of the marketing tools available and be successful in a digitally-driven world. At Disruptive, we’ve used it to help all kinds of businesses grow — including home service companies like mom-and-pop shops and larger entities like internationally-recognized universities. It’s the best part about advertising on the internet. If you are aware of the demographics you wish to reach, then use digital methods.

But, certain kinds of companies will gain more from certain kinds of digital marketing. For a quick overview, let’s look at the strategies that are likely to be the most successful for businesses-to-consumers (B2C) businesses and business-to-business (B2B) businesses:


In general, B2C businesses generally have lower prices in comparison to their B2B counterparts. It can be difficult to sell a drill bit worth $150,000 (believe me, they’re there!) to a stressed-out mother. However, what about a pair of pants for your child? It’s an easy sell.

The good thing is that B2C businesses aren’t trying to sell high-priced products. Services, or products, won’t require large sales teams or complex marketing funnels.

In the end, the main goal of the majority of B2C companies is to help guide the journey of the customer through their sales funnel.  It’s not necessary to create an enormous amount of brand recognition or establish trust prior to closing the sale.

This is why B2C companies typically see excellent outcomes from digital channels with higher funnels, such as social media marketing and paid social ads. These channels do an amazing job of putting your business visible to clients who might not even know you exist.

In addition to other strategies for digital marketing, such as SEO or paid search is always a great option. If you need to choose one of the channels, first pay for social advertising through paid ads and social media marketing.


Paid search, however, is an excellent alternative when it comes to online marketing for B2B. They tend to have particular, specific groups that can be difficult to reach with social media. If, for instance, you sell drill bits for $150,000 and someone is searching for a “diamond-tipped oil drilling bit manufacturer,” you’ll want to appear as the primary result they find.

Furthermore, the majority of B2B businesses have longer and more complex sales cycles as compared to B2C businesses.

Of course, the right blend of digital marketing tactics will vary from industry to industry and business to business. But simply comparing B2C to B2B should help give you a sense of how different strategies can be better for certain businesses.


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