What Are the Goals of Competitive Intelligence?

Competition drives business growth while competitive intelligence (CI) facilitates informed decisions. Businesses cannot improve their market position without knowing what competitors do with their strategies. Therefore, most enterprises focus on tracking their business rivals through CI. This post will explore the goals of competitive intelligence in the business landscape. 

What Are the Goals of Competitive Intelligence?

1 | Discovering the Operational Weaknesses of Your Competitors

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats affecting how businesses compete. Organizations must know where the competitors perform better and discover their weaknesses, and reputed market intelligence firms allow them to acquire and process competitor data. 

Learning about competitor SWOTs helps you create a better competitive strategy to surpass them. Also, some rival businesses might team up with your enterprise to offset their weaknesses. Therefore, the SWOT dataset facilitates mutually beneficial partnerships as well. 

Primarily, you acquire competitor data on strengths and weaknesses to identify the business aspects where you beat them. It is one of the goals of competitive intelligence solutions. 

For example, assume that your competitor has a less effective customer service team. It is a business component where you have an advantage over them. You can use this competitive insight developed by data analytics consulting services to attract more customers. 

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2 | Identifying and Improving Your Business Weaknesses

Businesses must stay informed regarding their internal strengths and weaknesses via periodic self-assessments. After all, you must know your business weaknesses, otherwise, you cannot improve them efficiently. 

Identifying what your company or business model lacks is the first step in building corporate resilience. Market intelligence services provide you with various methods of business assessments and quality audits. Besides, the goals of competitive intelligence include offering business improvement ideas. 

Imagine that competitive intelligence datasets reveal your enterprise has inadequate customer service and subpar employee relations. Consider the following techniques to improve the respective business operations in your organization. 

2.1 | To Improve Customer Service 

Educate employees in customer interactions and types. They must know their role in providing good customer service to your clients. Create an action plan outlining how all employees must conduct themselves while serving customers. You must process customer engagement feedback and ratings via data analytics consulting services. 

2.2 | To Improve Employee Relations 

Find the cause of employee dissatisfaction and high attrition of recruits using internal CI data. Are their pain points financial or psychological when working on the assignments? Reward them and admire them whenever they accomplish a significant milestone. Create an anonymized internal feedback ecosystem to ensure a positively charged workspace environment. 

3 | Anticipating the Competitor Actions in Markets

What are the goals of competitive intelligence? Competitive intelligence observes the actions taken by your competitor and anticipates their future business moves. Also, CI helps you determine how well your competitors perform in specific market segments. 

Businesses learn what plans their competitors might pursue in the upcoming business quarters. Market intelligence firms suggest strategies to help you decide how to respond to competitor actions. 

Indeed, an impactful and data-driven response allows businesses to improve their market share. Your competitors must pause some business operations while integrating new strategies and business models. Therefore, you can acquire more customers during this transition of rival businesses. 


Every industry consists of several business entities competing to increase their customer base and profit margins. However, their business models are far from anything uniform and identical. They do not have the same SWOT dynamics and require competitive intelligence. 

Monitoring your competitors’ business strategies enable your enterprise to manage the operational risks originating from the competition. Therefore, you must invest in reliable market intelligence firms and data analytics consulting services. 

The goals of competitive intelligence consist of helping you discover new market trends, SWOTs, improvement ideas, and growth opportunities. Also, companies gain product development insights and partnership strategies. 

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