Understanding Ulta Credit Cards

Customers who often visit businesses and spas may be eligible for substantial but unbending rewards. However, if you often carry a balance, an Ulta credit card is not a good choice for you.

Many people may not like the Ulta credit card that Community offers. It features a high ongoing interest rate and little rewards possibilities, making it similar to many other store credit cards.

However, if you often shop at Ulta, especially at the Ulta salon, the store card may be surprisingly handy due to its high point values.

Here are 5 essential details about the Ulta credit card to help you make sense of it. ulta black Friday

You have a few of options when it comes to the ULTA CREDIT CARD:

Two versions of the Ultra credit card exist, each tailored to the applicant’s credit and income:

As a “closed-loop” card, the Ultimate Rewards Credit Card may only be used at Ulta Beauty shops.

Basically, the Ultimate Rewards MasterCard may be used everywhere that takes MasterCard.

It’s true that both cards don’t have annual fees, but those with excellent credit may discover that the MasterCard offers greater perks. Starting in September 2022, cardholders of the Ultimate Rewards MasterCard will be eligible for a little introductory bonus. (There is no way to get your hands on this bonus in the regular copy.)


This benefit stands out among the numerous appealing ones that come with the Ulta credit card. If you have Ultimate points, you may spend them at the salon just as you would any other incentive.

The majority of general-use credit cards do not provide rewards for spa treatments. If you often buy hair and cosmetics materials from Ultra and also spend a lot of money on salon treatments, you may quickly rack up a large number of points.

To put the Ulta credit card to the test, I calculated how much money I could save if I made all of my regular salon and spa visits, as well as purchases of hair, skin care, and makeup, at the Ultra salon. For this example, I estimated a yearly expenditure of $600 on hair care products, provided that I have my hair cut and colored every six to eight weeks.

We dug around, and… Over the course of a year, I expect to earn at least 3,600 points, which may be worth over $200 in discounts on items and services. Even before factoring in any potential rebates for reaching the Platinum or Diamond tiers, that’s a significant return of around 12%. In exchange for points, you may get a haircut once a year for free.


Ulta Beauty is the largest beauty supply store in the United States, stocking everything from cosmetics to perfume to skincare to haircare to salon services. Ulta Beauty has more than 25,000 products, including those from 500 well-known and emerging beauty brands across all categories and price points, in addition to its own private label. Every Ulta Beauty store also has a full-service salon where clients can have their hair, brows, and cosmetics done.

What is the procedure for paying with a credit card at ULTA?

If you’ve already applied for and received an Ulta credit card, you may choose from a number of convenient payment methods. You can’t pay at the register, but you can use the website, the phone number, or the mailbox provided.

Online purchases are popular among credit card users because of the convenience they give. Due to this reason:

Methods of Online Payment Accepted by Ulta

Visit the Ulta homepage and click “Register Now” to set up your account.

A credit card number, zip code, and last four digits of a Social Security or Taxpayer Identification Number (or other identifying number) are all that is required.

Select a user name and password for your ulta credit card that is both memorable and secure.

Simply include your preferred method of contact (email and/or phone number).

Make advantage of your new Ulta Credit Card login credentials.

Provide both your checking account number and your bank’s routing number.

To make a payment, simply stick to the on-screen prompts.

All of your account details, including as statements, profiles, and past purchases, are available to you 24/7 in an easily accessible online manner.

Make a Credit Card Payment over the Phone at Ulta

The following is information on how to pay your Ulta credit card statement over the phone for no additional charge:

To make a payment, you’ll need to have your credit card number, bank account information, and the whole amount ready to enter.

Please call (866) 257-9195 to reach Community Capital Bank for help.

Simply comply with the on-screen prompts to arrange a payment.

Your payment to Ulta must be sent.

You may also pay your Ulta bill by mail, but it must reach the processing center on or before the due date. Basically, just do what I say.

Ultimate Rewards credit cards and MasterCards from Comenity Capital Bank accept payments.

Make at least the minimum payment on time to avoid incurring late penalties. Interest charges may be avoided by paying the full amount due as soon as you get your bill.

You may mail payments to Ulta at the following address:

Ultimate Reward Credit Card or Ultimate Reward MasterCard from Comenity Capital Bank, P.O.

Post Office Box 750964, Dallas, Texas


If you want to get started, just:

Start by going to the official Comenity Ulta Credit Card Login website by clicking the button below.

The second step in using your Ulta credit card online is logging in using your user name and password. A sign-in screen will appear after you’ve successfully logged in.

Third, have issues logging in with your Comenity Ulta Credit Card? Reach out to the help desk!

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