Travis Van Winkle | Adorable Hollywood Actor 

Travis Van Winkle was an American actor and model who appeared in Michael Bay’s Transformers and the remake of Friday the 13th. He was also a guest star on episodes of the shows That’s So Raven, The O.C., and 7th Heaven. 

Van Winkle was on Shenae Grimes’s show, 90210, in 2009. He lived with his parents in Peachtree, Georgia, until he was twenty years old when he moved to Los Angeles.

Who is Travis Van Winkle?

Travis Van Winkle
Who is Travis Van Winkle?

He’s a good actor who’s done well in movies. He was born on November 4, 1982, and is a well-known person. He was born in California, and he is one of the world’s wealthiest actors. He’s also on the list of the Most Famous Movie Actor. Travis Van Winkle is 36 years old and is listed in our database as a famous person.

Do You Know Anything About Travis Van’s Early Life?

Travis was born in the California town of Victorville. He was the middle of the three kids that Sally and Charles Van Winkle had. His family moved from Victorville to Oscoda, Michigan, when Travis was two years old. 

His family moved again when he was eight, this time to Peachtree City, Georgia. He went to McIntosh High School and the University of West Georgia, but he didn’t finish. At 20, he moved to Hollywood to try to become an actor.

What did You need to Know About Travis Scott Van Winkle’s Bio? Who is Travis Van Winkle, anyway?

Wikispro says that Travis Van is one of the most well-known actors. Add that person who was born in 1982 to the list as well. Must be one of the most popular actors.

Height, Age, and Body Size

Right now, Travis Van Winkle is 36 years old. No one knows how tall Van Winkle is or how much he weighs. Dress sizes, shoe sizes, and measurements for the whole body will be added soon.

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Do You Know About Travis Van’s Relationship?

Travis Van Winkle never talks about himself or the people he dates. Check back often because we’ll keep adding new information to this page about relationships. Let’s look at Travis Van Winkle’s previous girlfriends and hookups. Van Winkle doesn’t want to talk about how he got married and then got divorced.

When someone is dating, they are actively looking for romantic relationships with different people. People often say that two famous people who are not married are “dating” when they are seen together in public. This means that they were seen together in public, but it’s not clear if they’re just friends, trying out a more intimate relationship, or dating.

How did Van Winkle Start his Career?

Van Winkle’s first TV show was an episode of Quintuplets from December 2004. In the movies Meet the Spartans (Fox), Asylum (David R. Ellis), Accepted (Universal), and Transformers, he was one of the main characters (Michael Bay). In Transformer movie, he work with Megan Fox, who is the mother of young child, Bodhi Ransom Green. Even though he has worked as a model for Abercrombie & Fitch, Van Winkle played the same character, Trent Sutton DeMarco, in Michael Bay’s remake of Friday the 13th in 2009.

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In an interview with Fearnet, Van Winkle talked about how excited he was about the movie and how much he liked being in it. He also appeared in the 2008 music video for “That Song in My Head” by Julianne Hough.


Van Winkle fulfilled his dream of becoming a Hollywood actor, which brought him a lot of fame and long-term success. He became famous for how good an actor he was.

Net Worth

The following is an estimate of how much Travis Scott Van Winkle is worth, based on information from Wikipedia, Google, Forbes, IMDb, and other reliable websites. Travis Van currently has a $5 million net worth. Last year, he earned between $3 million and $5 million. 

Travis Van made the majority of his money by selling Yeezy sneakers. The best way to earn money is to be a talented actor. Between $5 and $10 million is a lot of money for him. He also has a huge number of people who follow him on social media.

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