Traveling Soon? Here Are 5 Travel-Related Sites to Check Out

If you’re on the lookout for some travel-related sites to check out, look no further. We’ve rounded up five useful sites to help you easily get through your next trip.


Skyscanner is one of the most popular travel sites, with a simple interface and a great search engine. It allows you to find flights, hotels, and car rentals in one place. Skyscanner is especially useful if you’re trying to find the cheapest flights possible—it uses predictive pricing that adjusts prices according to demand (i.e., they’ll show you lower prices if they think people aren’t booking). And because it’s so easy to use, Skyscanner makes it easy for travelers like yourself to research and plan your trip before getting on that plane or train.


SeatGuru is a website that provides information on airplane seats. The site shows seat maps, seat views, and reviews from previous passengers who have used the plane’s seating configuration. If you’re traveling with children or need to use a wheelchair, SeatGuru will help you find the most suitable seats for your needs. It also has information about airline amenities, such as food, entertainment, and services. The site even has a section for people with special needs, such as those who need extra legroom or in-flight assistance from a nurse or doctor. If you’re looking for more information about your plane’s seating configuration, SeatGuru is an excellent resource.


TripAdvisor is a great resource for planning any trip. It’s an online travel community where you can find reviews of hotels, restaurants, and attractions—and book your stay through their booking site. If you’re traveling to a new country, TripAdvisor can help you find the best places to visit and things to do while you’re there. The reviews on TripAdvisor are generally more detailed than the ones on Google Maps. You can also use their forums to ask questions about your trip—you might even find someone else who is going where you’re going so they can give advice.


If you’re going to be in a new city for longer than a few days, Airbnb is an excellent option. Moving into a fully furnished apartment instead of staying in a hotel can make all the difference when feeling at home. This company is hugely popular and has listings for every type of traveler: families, couples, groups of friends—you name it. The rooms are usually reasonably priced compared to hotels or hostels but may be more expensive depending on the location, and amenities hosts offer.


Planning a trip to a city or country, you should first see what Wikivoyage says about it. Wikivoyage is like Wikipedia for travel—a free encyclopedia anyone can edit and add content. It’s written by travelers, meaning the information is usually up-to-date and accurate. The site has a great section for each location that lists all the major attractions, museums, and more, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for them.

Got your travel plans down?

And if there’s one last thing we know about traveling right now, it’s this: if you’re headed through airport security check-in lines anytime soon—make sure to take advantage of TSA PreCheck®. The TSA PreCheck® program can help you get through security faster, so if you’re already planning on traveling somewhere soon, sign up for it. You’ll find that it’s very easy to do, and once you’re approved for the program, you’ll be able to enjoy all of its benefits for years.


Travel is a great way to make new friends, learn about different cultures, and explore the world. In addition to being fun, it can also help you improve your life by broadening your horizons and challenging yourself in new ways. If you’re planning a trip soon or want to plan, these sites will help you with everything from booking flights and hotels to finding events while you’re away from home.

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