Top 5 camping sites near Mumbai


Mumbai The city of dreams, also known as one of the cities that is known to be the “city of dreams” might at times feel restricting due to its high number of people and the amount of pollution. The heart is just aching for a short getaway to a more peaceful place due to the snarling traffic and the endless throngs of people who are swarming the streets. If you look up in Mumbai, it is difficult to see the sky.

You will barely see the stars. On the other hand, a thrilling camping near Mumbai is precisely the thing you require to relax from the city’s snarling. You must move away from the city and rest while Mumbai, the City of Dreams hurries to keep up with the demands of contemporary life. It is ideal to spend a weekend camping near Mumbai If you could find the top resorts.

The following list offers 10 wonderful weekend getaways from Mumbai which are perfect to spend a day having fun. They’re not too away, meaning you won’t have to forfeit your time off or your budget. They will definitely provide an unforgettable camping and adventure experience that is amidst tranquility and in the middle of the natural world. It is believed that the Sahyadri range is close to Mumbai and it is possible to go for a drive to enjoy peace and proximity to the natural world. Indeed, a weekend retreat near the city, which includes camping with bonfires, stargazing, and bonfires could be a perfect idea.

Below are a few of the most popular campsites in and around Mumbai in which you can spend time with your loved ones:

Pawana Lake

Are you seeking an adventurous lakeside camping experience? Where forts surround the lake, and you’ll be surrounded by tranquil nature? The most well-known camping spot near Mumbai can be found at Pawana Lake. A lot of tourists and millennials are drawn by the beautiful lake to camp and enjoy a pleasant weekend.

It is a good idea to consider camping at Pawana Lake, which is conveniently located in between Mumbai as well as Pune. You can be certain that the camp site near Mumbai is sure to make your stay memorable.

Karnala Camping site

The tranquil Karnala campsite is located about an hour and a quarter from Mumbai. The campground located outside of Mumbai is popular with campers since it is near the famous Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Fort. Many choose to drive to Karnala to camp out after a drive between Mumbai or Pune.

Karnala is a serene area with its nature. It is an even better spot to be near Mumbai with the sounds of birds chirping , and the breathtaking waterfall that is located inside the camping area. The area is stunning during monsoons as the area is alive with a variety of unusual sound effects.

Vasind riverside Camping

This serene place to enjoy a great camping experience is situated far from Mumbai. The riverside camping experience close to Vasind is among the most popular camping locations in Mumbai. It is best to arrive before 4 pm to set up your tents and enjoy the sunset.

Set up a tent and make a bonfire for you for the evening to relax by the Vasind River. The setting is calming and relaxing to the senses. When you are alone it is possible to play the music louder on your smartphone and dance around a bit if you’d like, and then enjoy it.


Panchgani located close to Mumbai It is a beautiful place to camp in for the night. It is well-known for its proximity to five hills. 

You can take your tents, or hire one on the mountain top to gaze at the stars. In Panchgani There are a variety of excursions that include bonfires as well as stargazing. The check-in for camping and stargazing tours in Panchgani starts at midnight.

Be sure to bring your winter coats as the hill station can get very cold. It is a very popular camping spot close to Mumbai which you will enjoy.


Igatpuri dam Camping

Igatpuri situated inside the Western Ghats, is a wonderful place to be in touch with nature. Camping is the best method to do this. A relaxing weekend getaway is provided by this amazing camping experience in Igatpuri that offers stunning panoramas at Maruti Wadi Lake.

Make the most of your camping adventure in Igatpuri, where you can soak pleasure in the morning sun or go for a boat ride along the shoreline, soak pleasure in the stunning landscapes, take a nap at the end of your day and gaze at the stars away from the noise that is the urban area.

The peace and tranquility of the location will capture your heart and motivate you to create unforgettable memories for yourself.

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