Top 5 best WhatsApp version APK

WhatsApp version allows users to share photos, videos, and documents of up to 50 MB. They can send and receive a number of messages and statuses, up to ten images at a time. And it can also be used to send large files, such as videos of up to 700 MB.

Using Whatsapp on your mobile phone is a fantastic way to communicate with family and friends. There are several versions available for you to choose from. But which is the best? What are the features that you can expect from each of them?

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Whatsapp Blue

Among the various WhatsApp version, Blue is considered to be one of the best. It is a free messaging application that lets you make calls, send messages and share multimedia content with your friends. It has been modified by a third-party developer to add many new features.

This mod will allow you to customize several aspects of the app. You will be able to change the background wallpaper, the chat screen and even the app icon. You can also set a different phone number for your account. It will also give you the option to hide your online status. You can even download a profile picture.

The mod will also allow you to send videos, photos and audio files up to 100 MB. These are larger than what the stock version of the app allows.

TM Whatsapp

TM Whatsapp version has several unique features and offers complete privacy. With this application, you can share documents and images of high resolution. You can also send audios of up to 100 MB.

Its secure environment is made possible by end-to-end encryption security. You can also hide your status and automatically reply to messages. This feature will help you in your busy schedule.

TM Whatsapp also has an anti-ban feature that prevents you from being banned. Moreover, you can schedule your messages and select your contacts to receive them. You can also download statuses with a single click. You can also schedule private messages for a certain date.

There are many other great features of this application. You can change the icon, change the notifications, and fix the background of your chat box. You can also hide your online status and create a customized theme. You can even choose from over 4000 different themes.

GB Whatsapp

GBWhatsApp WhatsApp version is an Android app with tons of features that make messaging a pleasure. It includes the ability to hide online status, schedule messages, send videos and pictures, and more. It’s an easy to install application. It’s also free to use.

In addition to the above, GBWhatsApp comes with a message recall feature. It allows you to download images and videos of statuses that have been uploaded by other users. You can even set a message to auto reply. The blue tick on a GBWhatsApp message will cause your recipient to have to respond.

The official WhatsApp app can’t send videos or images bigger than 10MB. In addition to that, it can only send compressed videos. The GBWhatsApp app can handle videos up to 50MB, though.

When looking for the most trendy WhatsApp status video download, people utilize the KingVideoStatus website, which is the best for downloading love status videos and other new status videos.

SB Whatsapp

Having a smartphone or two and a budget worthy of your hard earned gold, there is a fair chance you’re on the hunt for the aforementioned perks of life.  Having a plethora of gizmos and gaffs to boot is nothing short of the ultimate in a bad boy. Keeping all of the above mentioned in tact will ensure you’re a happy camper for many moons to come.


Fm Whatsapp

. It comes with a bunch of features that will improve your overall experience with the app. However, Therefore, you need to take certain precautions when using the app.WhatsApp version

Installing the app from third party websites can lead to unwanted ads or malware infection. Furthermore, installing apps from unknown sources can also result in a ban on your account.


One of the main reasons why people prefer to use WhatsApp MOD apps is their privacy features. With FMWhatsApp, you can hide the recording status, typing status, and online status of the messages. You can also change the background of the app and its icons. You can even add custom color schemes to the theme of the app.

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