top 5 best action movies characters 2022

When it comes to action movies, there’s no one better than the badass protagonist. These characters are always so compelling and entertaining, whether they’re fighting villains or just taking on everyday tasks with a bit of flair. Which action movie hero would be your favorite in 2022? Check out our list of the top five best action movie characters of 2022 to find out. From formidable warriors to whip-smart detectives, these heroes will take your breath away.

As we move into 2022, it’s safe to say that action movies will be as popular as ever. And who better to lead the way than the best characters of all time? From John McClane to Jason Bourne, these heroes always have our adrenaline pumping. But which action movie heroes are standing out the most in 2022? Check out our top five below and see for yourself!

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Clay calloway

Who is Clay Calloway is an American actor and musician. He has appeared in films such as “The Hangover” and “The Lone Ranger”. Clay Calloway was born on October 2, 1971 in Houston, Texas. He began his acting career appearing in small roles in films such as “The Hangover” and “The Lone Ranger”. In 2010, he starred in the action movie “Battle: Los Angeles”, which was a critical and financial success.


Hobbs is a highly skilled car thief, who was once the best in the business. After being released from prison, Hobbs teams up with Rico to take down rival gangs and return to the top of the criminal food chain. His signature move is “The Hobbs Gambit”, which involves stealing a Humvee full of money while driving it into a river. Hobbs is an excellent shot and has a very fast reflexes; he can jump out of moving vehicles and shoot enemies before they know what’s happening.

Hobbs is also extremely loyal to his friends and teammates, and will do whatever it takes to protect them. He’s not afraid to get dirty, either – he’s been known to fight unarmed and even go toe-to-toe with opponents twice his size. Hobbs may be an unsavory character at first glance, but he’s actually one of the most complex and interesting action movie characters that you could ever hope to meet.

Among millennials, the Danganronpa Animation Series is one of the all-time top high school series. The Hope’s Peak Academy, which differs greatly from typical high schools in real life, is home to 16 popular Danganronpa characters imprisoned there.


  1. Bane is one of the most iconic and badass villains in all of cinema. He’s a fearsome warrior with a cold heart, and he’s always ready to take care of business.2. In addition to being an incredible fighter, Bane has some pretty impressive intelligence skills as well. He’s able to plan and carry out complex attacks with ease, and he doesn’t hesitate to use whatever means necessary to achieve his objectives.3. Needless to say, Bane is a force to be reckoned with, and he makes for an exciting action movie character indeed!

Bane is the most feared and hated man in the world. He is a psychopathic killer who thrives on violence, bloodshed, and chaos. This ruthless assassin has been known to use any means necessary to achieve his goals, which include wiping out entire villages or cities.

Despite his brutal nature, Bane is also an extremely skilled fighter and strategist. He is able to swiftly take down his opponents with precision strikes and often uses surprise tactics to finish them off before they can even react.

Aside from his lethal skills as an assassin, Bane is also known for his trademark mask and cape. This disguise allows him to move about undetected and strike at unsuspecting victims without ever being detected.

Bane is one of the most iconic characters in the action movie genre and he has starred in some of the best films ever made. If you’re looking for a character that you can root for in your favorite action movies, then look no further than Bane!


Deadpool is a character that defies all convention, both in terms of his appearance and his actions. He’s an antihero with a dark sense of humor and a deadly fighting style. He’s also known for breaking the fourth wall, speaking directly to the audience.

If you’re looking for an action movie character who is unafraid to go against the norm, look no further than Deadpool. This unique superhero film character is sure to give your entertainment value a boost.

Jason Statham

Jason Statham is one of the most popular action stars in the world. He has starred in some great action movies and his performance in them has been praised by many. Here are five of the best Jason Statham movies:

1. The Transporter
This movie is about a professional transporter who is forced to transport a group of criminals across Europe. The criminals try to kill him along the way, but he always manages to come out on top. Jason Statham’s performance in this movie was praised by many as he played his role perfectly.

2. The Expendables
This movie is about a team of mercenaries who are hired to take down a ruthless dictator. They face many tough challenges along the way, but they are eventually successful in completing their mission. Jason Statham plays one of the main characters in this movie and his performance was highly praised by fans.

3. Lockout
In this movie, Jason Statham plays a convict who is given three days to leave prison or be put into solitary confinement for an entire year. He must find a way to escape from prison before time runs out, and his performance in this movie was highly praised by fans.

4. Crank: High Voltage
This movie tells the story of two Chevrons – one good and one evil – who are fighting for control over the human brain. Jason Statham plays the role of the evil Chevron, and his performance in this movie was widely acclaimed by fans .

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