Top 07 benefits of swimming in the pool

If you’ve had enough of the gym, here are 07 reasons to choose swimming.

Swimming is one of those workouts that is easily overlooked because the gym always seems to take precedence with lifeguard class. It’s only when you’re in the pool that you wonder why you didn’t do this before. If you’re wondering whether you should invest in a new swim cap and brave the jobs, Out at Home lists 10 incredible reasons why you should.

1. Swimming is a great way to lose weight

If the thought of being tethered to a treadmill sends the shivers down your spine, go swimming again. Swimming with lifeguard class for 40 minutes four times a week, combined with a balanced diet, can really help you shed the pounds.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a “70kg person burns about 510 calories doing laps for an hour,” Livestrong reports, proving that it’s still possible to burn fat at an intense pace without having to travel miles. to run. To burn as many calories as possible, don’t settle for just one stroke: the butterfly stroke is the toughest stroke, but is ideal for weight loss, as it burns 800 calories per hour!

2. Swimming is a great exercise

Don’t exhaust yourself with one strength training session after another – take a dip in the pool instead. Swimming can be an excellent core workout. Freestyle Swimmers: To stay perfectly aligned and at your fastest pace, you need to make sure your core is engaged. At first, you may find it difficult to keep your stomach tight and maintain a good hold at the same time. But the more you practice, the more familiar you will become with this exercise, and eventually you will do it instinctively from the start. Welcome abs!

3. Swimming speeds up recovery

Swimming is a low-impact sport and can also help relieve pain and ailments. If you suffer from back or knee pain, swimming may be the exercise you need to relieve the pressure. The rehabilitative effect comes from the fact that it is not a weight-bearing exercise; the water supports you as you stretch, relax and heal.

4. Swimming improves flexibility

Along with yoga and gymnastics, swimming is one of the best sports to improve flexibility. It stretches and strengthens areas of the body neglected by sedentary life, including the hips, back and hamstrings

If your training program is heavily focused on strength training and cardio, it’s easy to forget the role flexibility plays in improving your athletic performance. It strengthens, sculpts and helps you gain speed. Gradually increase your range of motion while swimming with lifeguard class. Pool features like water resistance and buoyancy reduce the impact of exercise on your joints, allowing you to stretch and bend comfortably and efficiently.

5. Swimming has no age limit

The great thing about swimming is that it has no age limit. Research from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has shown that swimming a baby from the age of 2 months is a great way to improve development. It improves their sense of balance and their ability to catch objects. At the same time, swimming is believed to improve bone health and gradually reduce the symptoms of arthritis in older people. It is a sport that is suitable for everyone.

6. Swimming Promotes Heart Health

As a total body workout, swimming with lifeguard class is one of the best exercises to improve cardiovascular health. The resistance of the water makes the heart work harder, which improves circulation and blood flow. The natural buoyancy and warm temperature of the pool also means you don’t feel the true intensity of your workout, allowing you to go further and faster in your cardio workout and get your heart even stronger. If you want to lower your blood pressure naturally, swimming is a great way to do this. In addition, we have the perfect pool trainer in our range , with which you can perfectly do a workout!

7. Swimming relieves stress

Exercise might not be your first choice when it comes to evening relaxation – lounging in front of the TV? Well, now you do. But what people don’t realize is that swimming is better stress relief than your favorite TV show.

Besides endorphins, swimming not only stimulates those wonderful mood hormones, it also gives you the chance to clear your head and take a break from your day. Some gym goers hate the peace and quiet of the pool, but if you’re in need of relaxation, swimming can help.

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