New Favorite Tire Brands For 2023

Drivers buy tires by model, size, and price. Some astute buyers pick the best model from trusted Tire Brands. We studied the top 10 tire manufacturers to help you decide.

How can you find the greatest tire brand and deals? On black Friday tire deals, we looked at independent consumer ratings, industry ratings, journals, and government bodies. Then we surveyed 800 mechanics and industry professionals nationwide.

Below are our predicted top 10 Best Tire Brands of 2023.


Car Talk graded these tire companies using over 30 data points. Consumer satisfaction tops all rankings. Consumers shared their tire brand experiences on Best Tire Brands. A brand may obtain high marks for one tire model but not another. It’s crucial to look at these ratings and then locate the tires among those manufacturers that best fit your demands.

Car Talk surveyed over 800 technicians on the finest tires on the market. Government reports safety and durability statistics. These studies examined how a tire brand’s quality and engineering affected a consumer’s buying choice.


Michelin has been in business since 1889. It is the second-largest tire producer behind Bridgestone one of the Best Tire Brands, ahead of Goodyear and Continental.

They provides 50 tire styles, from the Best All Season CrossClimate2 to the Pilot Sport S4. It’s one of the producers with many winter tires. Michelin has an outstanding reputation for making excellent tires worldwide and with every rating agency we consulted. Michelin is the Best Overall Tire Brand winner.

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  • Large-scale retailing throughout the country.
  • Preeminent in the field.
  • In terms of popularity amongst consumers, we rank first.
  • Superbly effective tires.


  • Price


Continental is a 150-year-old German tire maker on Best Tire Brands. It’s a global business that offers automotive and transportation subsystems. Tires are just one of the business.

Continental has 59 US tires. Continental produces high-performance tires, touring tires, and medium-duty truck and SUV tires, but not severe mud-terrain and all-terrain types.

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  • Wide dynamic range, particularly in terms of performance.
  • Superb selection of winter tires.
  • Great selection of all-season and touring tires.


  • There aren’t very many mud-terrain or all-terrain options.


Since the discovery of vulcanization, the American tire maker Goodyear has been producing tires. Established in 1898, it has grown to become one of the world’s four largest tire manufacturers.

Astoundingly, Goodyear offers 85 distinct tires, ranging from the Eagle F1 Supercar, an ultra-high-performance model on Best Tire Brands, to the Radial LS, an affordable all-season model designed for compact cars. There is also a wide selection of tires for trucks and SUVs, which account for over half of Goodyear’s total inventory.


  • Large-scale retailing throughout the country.
  • Tire dealers who specialize on Goodyear products.
  • Preeminent in the field.
  • In terms of popularity amongst consumers, we rank first.
  • Choices in Winter Tires.


  • Price


Bridgestone, a Japanese tire company, has been producing basketballs since 1931. After acquiring Firestone in 1988 and other companies throughout the years, Bridgestone Corporation is now the biggest tire maker in the world.

More than a hundred unique tire models are kept in stock under the Bridgestone brand. Its Turanza line is its high-performance line, and it also offers the Encolpia line and the Potenza line for ultra-high-performance and high-performance, respectively. Furthermore, it is widely recognized as the originator of the modern winter tire category with the introduction of the Blizzak tire in the 1990s.


  • Extensive selection of tires to suit any need.
  • Strong distribution of stores all throughout the nation.
  • Terrific efficiency in the cold.


  • Not even close to the variety offered by other brands.


Since its founding in 1870, BFGoodrich has become one of the world’s longest continuously operating tire companies. Despite being a Michelin brand since 1990, its popularity in the United States has remained unabated.

For the sake of maintaining its status as a household name, tire manufacturer BFGoodrich has narrowed its product offering to only 21 distinct types. Popular models include the All-Terrain T/A K02 and Mud Terrain KM3 tires as well as the g-Force ultra-high performance tires. White-letter tires are hard to come by, and the Radial T/A is the sole option for 14- and 15-inch wheels on classic muscle vehicles. Advantage T/A touring tires, designed to fit compact and midsize automobiles, have also been quite successful.


  • Superior all-terrain tires.
  • High-quality tires designed for muddy terrain.
  • Tires like these are rare on classic muscle vehicles.


  • Limited selection of goods.


How you drive, where you drive, what kind of car you have, and how much money you have all play a role in determining which tire brand is ideal for you. If you own a Jeep Wrangler and want to go off-roading on the trails in the winter, you’ll want a tire that can withstand the rigors of the road and the weather. You’ll need a different, less sturdy tire if you’re mostly going to be driving in urban areas because of your lifestyle (living in a city, working from home, seldom using your car).

Things to consider are cost, accessibility, durability, and tread life. Getting a feel for the product through ratings and reviews from actual customers is a good first step. Finding the right kind of tire for your vehicle and starting the hunt for the best manufacturers and pricing requires some homework. Once you’ve settled on the ideal tire for your vehicle, it’s a good idea to check local tire stores for availability and online tire outlets for the best pricing; many of these places will even match competitors’ prices.

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