Things to do in spiti valley: All you need to know

Spiti valley

The Spiti Valley, a gorgeous haven resounding with peace and spirituality. It is home to various Buddhist monasteries and breathtaking natural features. The most of which are unknown and hence unspoiled. The Spiti valley, which bursts through steep gorges and valleys and is tucked away in Himachal Pradesh. It cuts a sharp swath through the valley’s craggy topography. 


Those who enjoy water sports, particularly river rafting, are highly fond of the river. Adventure sport enthusiasts can enjoy camping, paragliding, and walking in the valley’s lush, emerald nature. It is bordered by snow-capped mountains.

Here through our blog we are going to tell you about the things that you can do in spiti valley:-


1.Wildlife spotting at the Pin Valley National Park

The Pin Valley National Park, located in Himachal Pradesh’s Lahaul and Spiti District amid partially frozen rivers. It is a part of the Cold Desert Biosphere Reserve. From roughly 3,500 metres near Ka Dogri to more over 6,000 metres at its highest point, the park’s elevation varies. 

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The iconic and endangered Himalayan snow leopards and their prey, the ibex, are found in the Pin Valley National Park. One of the most fascinating places of its sort. Pin Valley National Park is most well-known, nevertheless, for its amazing hike, which is a treat for all tourists. This should undoubtedly be on your list of the best things to do in Spiti Valley if you love the outdoors.


Riding a raft down the Spiti River is exhilarating. The nicest feeling ever can be experienced while competing in a race along the endless snowy mountain. You can invite a friend to film or take pictures while you’re on the raft. So that you can share the exciting tale on social media and get thousands of likes. The entire time the sport is being played. You can experience the thrill while soaking up the tranquility in the highlands.

3. Yak safari

One of the numerous adventurous things to do in Spiti for tourists is a yak safari. Both youngsters and adults find it to be one of the most fascinating local pastimes. During these safaris, one can discover the stunning flora and fauna of the trans-Himalayan desert.


Living and travelling like a local will give you the best insight into Spiti. Therefore, choose a native ride, such as a yak safari, anytime you’re finished hiking and want to have another distinctive experience. The trip is made much more accessible and is an experience worth having in the valley. Because almost all village families have at least one yak with them.


4. Fossil hunting

Even if it’s not a common activity, it’s undoubtedly a special experience to enjoy in Spiti. It is hard to look around at Langza or Hikkim without coming across a fossil. As they are so densely covered in them. And don’t worry if you can’t find any. You never know when the neighbourhood kids will show up to sell you one as a souvenir.


In the Spiti Valley, it is an exhilarating activity. The settlements of Hikkim and Langza are rich in fossils in this valley. Numerous fossils may be found here, and you can purchase them to give as gifts to your loved ones.

5. Visit Buddhist Monestry

One further thing that makes Spiti such a well-known tourist destination is that it is a centre of Buddhism’s religious and cultural life. You can visit any one of the numerous Buddhist monasteries situated along the valley’s length if you want to find some calm. You would be astounded by all you saw, from the monastery’ exterior architecture to their inside old murals.


It is important to visit these Buddhist monasteries before beginning your fun in the valley. In order to receive blessings and bring serenity to your soul. You need to come here initially if you want a tranquil time. You will learn about the customs and civilizations of these regions. And be astounded to witness antique relics and wall carvings here.

Throughout the valley, on various peaks, are numerous monasteries. The largest of them is Kye Monastery, which is one of them and is located at the summit. Tnagyud Gompa, Gandhola Monastery, Komic Gompa, Kumgri Monastery, and others are examples of others.


6. Visit to Mummy of Giu

Mummies are found in other countries besides Egypt. This glass-enclosed monk mummy has a temple in the village of Giu dedicated to him. Regarding the discovery of this mummy, there are several theories. Over 500–600 years seem to have passed since it was mummified. According to reports, the teeth and nails were still in good shape. This temple is frequently visited by a large number of residents. Even still, it’s amazing how well this mummy has held onto its original appearance.


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