The top five Things to Do in Jaisalmer


The most famous places of interest is Jaisalmer where you can find the name of Maharaja Jaisal Singh. The city, situated in the Thar Desert, is renowned for its rich tradition, customs and traditions. There are a handful of the many things to do in Jaisalmer that enrich the experiences include adrenaline-inspiring adventure sports, captivating safaris and camping.

The best moment to be there Jaisalmer

The Indian “Golden City” that is magnificently situated on the edge of the Thar Desert, is a magnet for adventurous tourists from all over world. The ideal time to visit Jaisalmer is between October and March The city’s temperature temperatures vary from 10 to 27 degrees Celsius.

The winter months are the best time to travel to Jaisalmer since it’s an urban desert, as well as the climate is suitable for the many attractions Jaisalmer is famous for. Jaisalmer is alive with a fervor during winter. Jaipur lets you be part of the incredible traditions that it has graciously shared to the world while displaying its rich history.

Para-mounting in Jaisalmer

Parasailing is a variant that is called Paramotoring in Jaisalmer, which is based on engines to propel itself instead of the jeep. Anyone can enjoy the freedom of flying their own way due to it. The same paragliding wings and a tiny engine and a propeller can all be employed. Any person can fly a paramotor without a permit and they’re considerably less expensive than other kinds of aircraft.

From a high vantage point, you can enjoy an aerial view of the magnificent Jaisalmer desert, and follow the direction of the wind. If you’re looking to make their trip to Jaisalmer exciting and thrilling paramotoring is among the activities that visitors must try during their visit. You can also take stunning pictures of your surroundings or take a fun selfie.

Jaisalmer Bazaar

The most popular attractions in Jaisalmer for shoppers include shopping in the Fort City. Shopping is among the most enjoyable activities in Jaisalmer because there are many choices and varieties of hand-crafted goods such as jewelry, clothing accessories, purses, shoes, and much more. What to Purchase: Jootis, camel leather products puppets, Rajasthani fabrics, wooden products jewellery, ornamental objects, jewelry and local handicrafts.

Desert Safari and camping

There are a variety of desert creatures and plants which reside in the Khuri Sand dunes their home. The folklore and stories of the traditional from the region of desert are available to visitors to experience.

It is possible to experience the rich traditions that is the Khuri dunes in the beautiful and picturesque town of Khuri. The Khuri town also has a market that is open to visitors, offering products made of textiles, handmade local foods, many other things. An unforgettable experience, an excursion in a Jeep along the golden sand of the desert.

Other tourist attractions that are popular in Jaisalmer include the desert camp that offer everything you need to enjoy a relaxing stay. When camping in Jaisalmer guests can participate pleasure in Rajasthani folk entertainment and dance and then enjoy a delicious local food buffet dinner.

Desert National Park

The western Indian State of Rajasthan close to the city of Jaisalmer is where you’ll find Jaisalmer’s Desert National Park. The total area is 3162 square kilometers This national park is among the largest. Another of the best activities to enjoy during your visit to Jaisalmer the city, is see wildlife.

Desert National Park, which is located in Rajasthan’s western part, covers a total area of 3162 square kilometers. It’s a stunning representation of the Thar Desert and is home to many creatures that include those of the Indian Fox, the Desert Cat and the Chinkara and many more.

Jaisalmer Puppet show

It is a must to see a puppet show on the Desert Culture Center and Museum during your visit to Jaisalmer. The show is a fascinating 40 minutes performance that offers an insight into the past and helps you understand Jaisalmer’s history and culture.

The puppet shows should be on your bucket list as they’re among the top activities to experience in Jaisalmer over the course of two days. It is located directly next to Gadi Sagar Laeka, and hosts shows on puppets every night. Even at 80 the Mr. Sharam himself still manages the place. This authentic and charming location offers a unique insight into the local culture and history.

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