The top 10 benefits of swimming

It’s good to start the year with a positive approach: discover the 10 benefits of swimming that you should make it your favorite sport!
Young and old, professional or “Sunday” athletes, people who want to recover their physical shape or simply switch off their brains for a few hours: the benefits of swimming are so many that anyone practicing it will be able to see their needs met.

Water is the natural element par excellence for humans, as we spend our first months of life immersed in amniotic fluid. The water lulls us, makes us feel protected, it muffles what happens outside.
We should maintain this loving relationship so that we can enjoy the benefits of swimming on a physical, mental and growth level with Lifeguard Training.

Let’s find out together some of the most important!

The benefits of swimming on a physical level
We will divide our top 10 related to the benefits of swimming, into two large areas: those related more to the body and those that affect the mind.

And, if you think there are some that we have forgotten, help us to expand our list!

Training without kickbacks

Practicing water sports allows you to work your muscles and aerobic system, avoiding overloading the joints. This does not mean that swimmers are not injured, but that one of the benefits of swimming is that it preserves the well-being of the musculoskeletal system more than any other sport.

Joint flexibility and mobility

For many sportsmen, especially if not professionals, these two words are almost unknown. It is a pity, however, that being able to perform the specific movements of a sport in a fluid manner is a prerequisite for performance. In swimming, the stroke helps the muscles to stretch and generally the water support, ligaments and joints to be more flexible.

Tonicity and strength

You know when you are in the gym and you hear atavistic screams coming from the room? Weightlifting isn’t the only way to gain muscle mass and keep us toned! It is enough to look at the physique of the swimmers to understand how among the benefits of swimming there is the possibility of working on the muscles, in a certainly more harmonious way, since the whole body is involved, it is sweeter.

The cardiovascular system

Swimming is a sport recommended for everyone, even for those who need to do physical activity without stressing the heart muscle too much. Indeed, among the disciplines, obviously not at a competitive level, it is the one that contributes the most to improving the well-being of the heart, by performing mainly aerobic muscular work.

An aid to circulation

A topic of interest especially for women, among the benefits of swimming we can include the greater pumping of the blood that circulates in the legs, favored by the horizontal position typical of swimming and by the water pressure that naturally contributes to this fundamental activity of our body. For more Details

Better coordination

In swimming, arms, legs and trunk must move in perfect synchrony. That’s why practicing this sport improves coordination, which will also be useful outside the pool.

Swimming and psychological well-being

We are over half in the top ten of the benefits of swimming! Now let’s focus on those to be included under “wellbeing of the mind”!

The production of endorphins

Sport is something positive for our body which, consequently, releases endorphins, responsible for a sense of lightness, contentment and serenity.

More concentration

Swimming is a sport that manages to isolate us very well from the external context and, for this reason, it helps us to improve concentration. Getting used to maintaining mental focus is something that we can then translate from the tub to the outside.

Less stress

Taking up what has been said a few lines above, diving into the water we can almost feel ourselves inside a bubble, where chaos, words, haste, seem not to touch us. This is why when we leave the pool we immediately feel less stressed.

More self-confidence

Like all individual sports, even among the benefits of swimming we can include the ability to increase self-esteem: in the pool you are alone and if you can get important results, it is because you have made a difference.

To achieve an important performance, it is necessary to take care of every detail. Definitely train well and consistently, eat correctly, give your body the right recovery . But also knowing how to choose the racing suit that best gives us that millimeter of advantage that we may need.
It is no secret that this aspect also has its weight, so much so that over time the control bodies have ruled out banning certain types of racing swimsuits, which are considered too impactful.

Today I want to give you some tips to help you better orient yourself in choosing the right racing suit, according to your needs.

Racing costumes, professional advice!

As you surely know, is an authorized dealer of the Speedo brand : I will therefore avoid talking to you about the brands, because which choice I would recommend is obvious!
Instead, let’s analyze other aspects together.

Two preliminary reflections. First of all, you must necessarily establish a budget : the racing costumes can also have quite high costs. It is better for you to limit your area of ​​interest, so as to already make some exclusions a priori.
Second, verify that the model you would like to purchase has been approved by FINA ; as we said at the beginning, there have been cases of disqualification for athletes that went against the rules.

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