The most comfortable Heels for women

There is no love-hate relationship as intense as the one between women and high heels. They give you beautiful posture, but sore feet. Stunning, yes, but oh-so uncomfortable. Here we guide you step by step toward the most suitable, least painful heels for your feet. And what about the oversupply of shoe brands? 

Which Shoes Are The Most Comfortable?

Pointed, round, thick, thin… heels come in all shapes and sizes. Comfort, therefore, depends on several criteria:

The heels

One heel is not the other. Block heels, stilettos, wedges, you name it. Remember this: the wider the heel, the more support and comfort your foot and ankle will get. Please note, this in no way means that stiletto heels are by definition uncomfortable, since the height also plays a major role.

In addition, the position of the heel determines whether or not you end up with sore feet. Heels that finish parallel under the heel, with a slight bend at the top, help distribute your weight better. This is therefore much more comfortable than heels that run in one straight line.


Just as important as the correct heel height is the material. Opt for natural materials such as leather and suede as much as possible. These fabrics breathe, mold to your foot, and are usually of a higher quality. Nowadays, there are also high-quality vegan leather shoes for those who prefer to stay away from animal materials. Dolce Vita paily heels are also good quality shoes made with leather material.

Which Type Of Heel Suits You?

The perfect shoe for your foot

While stilettos generally feel more painful than low-block heels, a lot depends on the shape of your foot. Place your bare foot on the floor and take a close look at the shape.

Do you have a high arch that prevents the center of your foot from touching the ground? Then high heels normally pose a few problems for you. You do benefit from an extra shock absorber because the pressure is mainly on the ball and the heel of your foot. Heels up to 10 centimeters are ideal.

On the other hand, are your feet flat on the ground? Rather invest in kitten heels, because this type of foot is not suitable for sky-high heels. Sufficient support is also crucial, so choose brands that specialize in comfortable shoes.

Sandals with heels are recommended for women with wide feet. That way your toes and rubbed get all the space. Look out for heels with adjustable straps. Nowadays, many brands also have a wide feet collection, which is nice and easy.

Narrow feet also require adapted shoes. Opt for strappy sandals where you can tighten the straps yourself. This way you will never slip out of your shoes again.

Your ideal heel height

There are several tricks to determine how high your heels can be. The most famous goes like this:

  1. Sit barefoot in a chair.
  2. Extend one leg in front of you and let your foot hang out comfortably in front of you without stretching.
  3. Has the distance between the ball of your foot and your heel measured?
  4. The number of cm between these two parts is equal to your ideal heel height

How Do You Choose The Right Heels?

Better too small or too big?

Everyone knows by now that Meghan Markle invariably buys shoes that are too big. Not as a fashion statement, but to prevent blisters. Is this a good idea?

Most people agree that shoes that are too small are an absolute no-go. Not only are your toes clamped, but you also get blisters on your very much faster due to the constant friction. On the other hand, leather shoes give a bit and mold themselves to your foot. However, we recommend that you buy shoes that are too big rather than too small, especially for daily use. So Meghan Markle’s tip isn’t that bad.

How do you fit heels?

Before reaching for your favorite one, it is best to have your feet measured in the store. It could just be that you have been choosing the wrong shoe size for years, or that one foot is larger than the other. The time of day is also important. Do your other shopping first and save the shoe shopping until the end. Your feet swell slightly during the day (especially after a busy shopping spree) and you have to take that into account when trying on.

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