The Essential Guide On Buying Your First Bike

Buying the first bike is special for every person. The prime reason for buying a two-wheeler is for daily commuting, casual adventure trips, and long-distance travel. Whatever the purpose, buying and riding a bike is a joyous moment and a huge responsibility. It may be overwhelming to decide whether it is the right decision. Therefore, one must know the essentials of buying a bike to make the appropriate choice.

Tips For Buying Your First Bike

There are several things to consider before selecting a bike, such as – price, model, comfortability and more. You can finance the bike you like by opting for a two-wheeler loan. Before going further with the loan application, check the bike loan eligibility of different lenders to get the best bike loan. Along with easy bike loan eligibility, you should keep several other points in mind.

  • Select the type of vehicle: These days, a variety of two-wheelers are available in the market. A bike lover can choose between comfortable gearless scooters, adventure bikes, electric two-wheelers, and many more. The first decision you need to make is the kind of two-wheeler you want. It will vary depending on – comfort level and the purpose of buying a bike. While gearless scooters have a storage unit and are easy to handle, bikes offer more stability and are suitable for long-distance travel.
  • Usage of the bike: Different bikes are appropriate for different terrains and roads. Assess whether you will ride the bike in city traffic or difficult terrains. It will help you zero down on the best bike.
  • Select the bike model: Even among the same category of bikes, there are various models one can choose from. The various bike models look different and serve different purposes. As it is your first time buying a bike, select a model that best suits your purpose. Moreover, you can easily finance your desired bike model with the best bike loan
  • Consider the bike rider’s experience: When buying a bike for the first time, opt for an entry-level or commuter bike. These bikes are easy to ride, safe, and have an engine capacity of about 100 to 150 cc. Once you’ve gained enough experience, upgrade to a sports or cruiser bike with more power and sophisticated features. 
  • Consider the budget and fuel efficiency of the bike: Usually, first-time bike buyers are college students or people just starting with their first jobs. Such people have a set budget to purchase a two-wheeler. When deciding which bike to choose, the bike’s price is a major determinant as you might have a strict budget. Additionally, people who plan to use their bikes for daily commuting or frequent long-distance travel may prefer a bike with higher fuel efficiency. A bike with better mileage will help save money in the long run. This is why you should check the bike loan eligibility of lenders and apply for a bike loan to get a bike of your choice in your budget.
  • Check maintenance centres of the brand: A bike needs routine maintenance. Therefore, ensure the brand’s service centres are in the city. Plus, ensure the spare parts of the bike are easily available.

Once a person has considered all the factors given above and narrowed down the options, conduct research. In this era of advanced technology, you just need to sit back at home and research multiple bike brands and models to make a list of the bikes that match your budget, riding experience, and other requirements. 

You can conveniently find information regarding the bike models, their fuel efficiency, power, price and more online. A new bike buyer can read bike reviews online and discuss the various options with someone having enough riding experience.

Once a person has shortlisted a few bikes that suit their requirement, they can take a test drive of the selected models. This way, one can make the right decision when buying their first bike.

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