The Complete Vape Shopper’s Guide Toys for Tots in 2022

As we draw closer to Christmas, many of us evaluate our routines and make changes. More and more people who used to smoke cigarettes are switching to vape eliquid. So, the issue becomes, which device is best to give to a person who is quitting smoking or who is an experienced vaper as a present?

In order to ensure that the recipient of your gift has the greatest possible experience with their new device, we have compiled this guide to help you select the proper choice, even if you are not familiar with vaping yourself.

Klypse is an entry-level e-cigarette and e-cigarette transition kit.

The Klypse is our most basic and inexpensive vape pen. Automatic activation and flavor-enhancing airflow are only two of its many impressive features.

Simply put, the Endura Apex is the superior model to the T18X. With its larger 1800mAh battery and straightforward power dial, you may choose between two output settings.

Extremely Resilient Apex (Endura)

For a number of years, our top-selling product line-up has been the Endura series. Starting with the Endura T18X, you can access this family of products. The pen-like design conceals a powerful internal battery with 1000 mAh, enough for a full day’s worth of vaping.

The Endura T18X

For a number of years, our top-selling product line-up has been the Endura series. The beginning model of this family of gadgets is the Endura T18X. It’s designed in a conventional “pen style,” and its internal battery is a massive 1000mAh, making it capable of providing continuous vaping for a whole day. The Endura tank’s fixed airflow was developed to simulate the sensation of drawing on a traditional cigarette, resulting in rich flavour and a pleasurable “throat hit.”

Kit A-Z Go!

One of the most cost-effective ways to test out our Z-coil system is with the Go Z Kit. The Go Z’s user-friendly level of customization, fixed 13W power output, and completely adjustable airflow all contribute to its reliable all-day performance.

The MVP Pod is our most basic and inexpensive vaping device.  As a supplement for more experienced smokers who have recently taken up vaping

If the person you’re buying for is an experienced vaper, they’ve probably already gone through a few different devices and are ready for something more advanced with a wider range of settings and customization options. Our intermediate products provide the highest value for the money and the highest performance in their categories.

Our version of a high-end pod system is called the Sceptre 2. The Sceptre 2 is a high-quality vape pen made out of zinc alloy that features an enormous 1400mAh battery, variable power settings, and fine-tuned airflow regulation. Improved over its predecessor, the Sceptre 2 now features a USB-C charging port, a larger airflow adjustment ring, and a quicker coil replacement process. This is an excellent gift for someone who values a sophisticated gadget.


Its compact, lightweight design makes it a good choice for beginning vapers, and yet its enormous 2100mAh battery and completely adjustable power output, up to 60W, are impressive features.

The GOZEE’s streamlined chipset makes it easy for novice vapers to control the device’s power without worrying about more complex options. The included GO Z+ tank has extensive airflow customization and is compatible with all of our Z-coils. This results in an adaptable, portable, and battery-lasting device.

An Endura T22 Pro

It has a more robust battery and four easy-to-use power settings.

For the Kroma Z

One may call the Kroma Z a “AIO” (all-in-one) gadget. That’s right; it’s a tank and battery unit in one space-saving package that doesn’t skimp on power. The Kroma Z is compatible with all of our best-selling Z-coils, allowing the user to choose between a low-power MTL (mouth-to-lung) and a medium-power RDL (restricted-draw) vaping experience with ease (restricted direct lung).

Extremely skilled vapers only

Our high-tech devices are simple enough for beginners to use, but provide the advanced settings that regular vapours require.

Chillfire Z60

Our most recent cutting-edge product, the Coolfire Z60, packs all of our advancements into a compact and straightforward form factor.

The Coolfire Z60 is a great gift for the vaper in your life who appreciates portable devices with cutting-edge functionality.

The Kroma 217’s 100W of variable power output means it can drive even the most power-hungry atomizers on the market.

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