The common itinerary of Spiti Valley


Spiti valley is a famous place in the Trans-Himalayas, it is an unexplored land also called the cold desert, in a remote area of Himachal Pradesh.

Best time to visit Spiti Valley

The months of April and June are the best for visiting Spiti Valley, as at this time snow that has covered its beauty is melted away. And if you want to see the white Spiti Valley, fully covered in snow, and want to have a ride full of adventures then you can visit at any time.

Reaching Spiti Valley

You can get to Spiti Valley two ways, either from the way to Shimla or from Manali.


Going through the route of Shimala:

It is a longer route than Manali and it is open throughout the year.

If you choose this way for going to Spiti Valley you can visit many beauties it the way, like the Kinnaur Valley, Kalpa, Chitkul, etc., and one never wants to miss these breathtaking views.

This way might give you Acute Mountain Sickness as Shimla is at a height of 2276 m from the sea level, whereas Kalpa and Chitkul are at a height of 2960 m and 3480 m.


Going through the route of Manali:

Manali route is shorter than the route of Shimla, but the condition is very bad. We come across two passes this way: the Rohtang pass and the Kunzum pass. If you are going through this route, you have to keep in mind the weather condition, if you go in winter, you might get stuck because of the snowfall, and the route gets blocked. Here also, you may get AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) as you will have to cover 2050 m to 3800 m in 10 hours.

You might face some problems here, but the sites from this route are very beautiful.


How to avoid Acute Mountain Sickness during the Spiti valley trip

You can get AMS when you reach a high height from a low altitude, and you can avoid this AMS by taking tablets before starting your Spiti valley trip if you don’t want that then you can keep yourself hydrated and drink more water or juices.

If you don’t feel well even after doing this then you must visit a doctor.


From Delhi to Spiti Valley

From Delhi to Spiti Valley there are two ways, Shimla and Manali. You get the service of overnight buses for both routes but if you are crazy and want adventure in your life then you can choose your own rides like bikes and cars.


Spiti Valley Tour cost

Your cost will depend upon the kind of means of transport you book, the hotels you book, or your homestay.

If you want a cheaper Spiti valley trip then the local state buses and hitchhiking are also available. There are many bikers who visit Spiti Valley, you can get a lift with them.


Things to do in Spiti Valley

A list of things to do in Spiti Valley that will brighten your spirits.

  • River Rafting


It is one of the amazing and famous things to do in Spiti Valley. Here you will get a thrilling lifetime experience with the scenic beauty of Snowy mountains, hilltop monasteries, and picturesque views around, the Spiti Valley. It covers 36 km starting from Nadang to Sumdo.

Cost: INR 500 – 1500

Best time to visit: To experience the best rafting adventure plan your Spiti valley trip between the month of July to August.


  • Buddhist Monasteries


Spiti is the center of Buddhist religion and culture, which is another reason why it is a famous tourist attraction. With so many Buddhist monasteries built along the valley, you can visit any one of them to spend a peaceful time. Key Monastery, Kungri Monastery, and Kardang Monastery are some of the famous Monasteries here. Must visit here on your spiti valley trip.

Timings: Open early in the morning for tourists and close by 5 or 6 in the evening.

Best time to visit: To make your experience best then you must visit here in late July, and during the annual three-day Chaam festival to experience the unforgetful masked dances, spinning prayer wheels, and ancient rituals.


  • Village Of Giu


Giu is a small village between the towns of Sumdo and Tabo, reached by a steep 8-kilometer (8-kilometre) road that branches off from National Highway 22. There is a shrine with corpses that are over 500 years old and visiting this mummy is one of Spiti’s famous attractions. A popular legend has it that the mummy was born from a meditating lama, making the experience even more mystical. You don’t need to pay any fee for visiting this place..


  • Yak Safari


The best way to experience Spiti is to live and travel like a local. So if you want another unique experience after your trek, opt for a local drive – a yak safari – almost every village family has at least one yak of hers. 

Cost: INR 500


  • Pin Valley National Park


Perched high in the Himalayas, the park is home to endangered flora and fauna, including snow leopards, Siberian ibex, Himalayan grouse, Tibetan gazelles, and partridges. From admiring the beauty of nature to spotting wildlife, there is so much to do that you will lose track of time. Admire the flora and fauna here. The Pin Valley National Park is the biggest attraction here and there is no entry fee.



Spiti Valley is famous for its beauty of flora and fauna. Tabo Monastery is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Spiti. The Spiti Monastery is known for its stunning wall paintings, ancient temples, and several stupas.

We you want all these adventures full of nature’s beauty, then why are you waiting to book your Spiti valley now?

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