The Best Things To Do In Pakistan

Pakistan may not be the first Asian destination that springs to mind, but it is definitely worth considering. Tourists can enjoy a wide variety of activities and experiences throughout their stay.

From breathtaking hikes in the northern mountains to fascinating museums in the southern lowlands. Visiting Pakistan is now easier thanks to the government’s recent efforts to expand the country’s tourist industry with a new electronic visa system.

Here are seven of my favorite things to do in Pakistan to get you excited about planning a trip there.

Top Attractions in Pakistan

1.   Fairy Meadows

The campsite in Fairy Meadows is not easily accessible, but it is one of the most beautiful spots you will ever see.

It’s a mountaineer’s heaven, with unobstructed views of Nanga Parbat Mountain just outside your tent.

2.   Trek to the foot of Nanga Parbat

Many of the world’s highest mountains can be found in Pakistan.

In the modern era, mountain climbing is among the most popular activities in Pakistan due to the country’s abundance of thrilling trekking options.

Nanga Parbat Base Camp is one of the easiest Pakistani treks to access. At 8,125 meters, this mountain ranks as the world’s ninth highest.

3.   Observe the Scenery in Baltit Fort

One of the best spots to learn about the history of the Hunza valley and take in breathtaking vistas is at Baltit Fort.

The Hunza district capital, Karimabad, was previously overlooked by this fairy-tale fort, constructed on a hill in the eighth century CE.

In this way, locals could keep tabs on seasonal trade between South and Central Asia and keep an eye on their rivals from a vantage point of power.

Inside the fort, you can embark on a guided tour to get a feel for how people lived back then.

Baltit Fort is fascinating to see from the outside even if you don’t take the trip inside.

It has one of Pakistan’s finest panoramas at a lofty altitude in the Himalayas.

There are breathtaking vistas of the valley and adjacent mountains from the peak. To not take a million pictures here would be impossible!

4.   Karakoram Highway

The Karakoram Highway connects China and Pakistan through one of the world’s highest-paved international routes.

One of the most challenging alpine climbs in the world may be experienced simply by hitting the road. Expert riders have made it a destination for thrill seekers in recent years.

The Karakoram Highway enhances this area’s historical significance and follows the path of the medieval Silk Road.

Traveling the Karakoram Highway will allow you to see some of Pakistan’s most breathtaking scenery as it passes through the country’s famed Karakoram Mountains.

Passu Cones, commonly known as Cathedral ridge, is a great rest spot along the roadway.

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen mountains like these, and they’re entirely different from anything else.

5.   Travel to the Pakistan-China Border

You may drive to the China border on the Karakoram highway.

The Khunjerab Pass, at a maximum altitude of 4,673 meters, is your only route to the border.

As a result of the high altitude, snowfall is possible even in the summer.

This is one of Pakistan’s most beautiful drives, with its winding path through the snowy mountains.

6.   Street Markets Are A Great Place to Pick Some Unique Items

In Pakistan, going to the market is crucial to any ordinary day.

Despite the chaos, it’s a fantastic opportunity to sample some of the country’s best cuisines and learn about local culture.

Every city in Pakistan has its own market, but if you happen to be in Karachi, you must visit the Jodia Bazaar.

Jodia Bazaar is a historic and vital marketplace in Bangladesh.

About three to five billion Pakistani rupees (about $100 million to $1 million) worth of daily trading.

Given its magnitude, it must be utter mayhem to navigate.

Jodia Bazaar is a fantastic place to shop for almost anything you would need.

Everything from fresh produce to exotic spices to various exotic live animals.

It was a whirlwind of sensations to walk through, but it was also one of the most unforgettable things I did in Pakistan.

7.   Stop by the Lahore Fort

Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab, is a city in Pakistan with a rich cultural history.

Lahore Fort, a stunning example of Mughal construction, is one of the most impressive forts in Pakistan.

In spite of numerous fires and reconstructions over the years, the fort’s current state of preservation is excellent.

Marvelous mosques and palaces made of marble and embellished with beautiful mosaics may be found at Lahore Fort.

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