How to setup WPS pin for an HP printer

Many people confuse WPS Pin setup with wireless connectivity with HP printers. It can be difficult to lose the WPS Pin, but wireless connectivity problems are easy to fix.

WPS pins are use to establish a wireless connection between a printer and another device via an Access point or router. The WPS pin for each printer is unique so you will need to find it before setting up a wireless connection. You cannot print anything without the Pin.

WPS Pin can be found on the backside or the HP Printer in most cases. This pin is require for setting up the HP printer. You can get expert assistance from the official HP printer support if you’re not familiar with printer technicalities. This guide will assist you in setting up your HP printer WPS.

What should you do if you receive the “Enter WPS pin” message when setting up your HP printer?

To establish WiFi with your HP printer, the connected computer will request the WPS pin. According to the manufacturer, a WPS pin is not required. You can cancel the message to continue with your HP printer setup. When connecting the Printer with WiFi Direct, you will need to enter the WPS Pin. This is what you should do when you receive the WPS Pin prompt for Windows 10.

  • Click the Cancel button to cancel the prompt message
  • When you establish the WiFi connection, be sure to bring your HP printer near your wireless router.
  • WPS Pin cannot be used. Download the appropriate HP Smart app for Android and iPad.
  • The Printer will automatically set up when you launch the app. Click on the “+”, or “Add Printer” button if it doesn’t. Follow the steps on the screen for further instructions to connect your HP printer through the app.

How to connect your HP printer with the WPS pin (WiFi Protected Setting)?

WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setting. When you connect your HP printer with the WiFi network using the WPS push button method (WiFi Protected Setup), you will need the relevant WPS pin. This process does not require you to enter the WiFi password and network name separately.

Although your HP printer may be compatible with WPS, many wireless routers do not support this feature. Before you initiate the WPS method, make sure your router has either the WPS icon or the WPS button. To establish the connection, make sure that your router has the WPS button or the WPS icon.

However, if your wireless router doesn’t support WPS as previously mentioned, you can follow the HP printer setup (WiFi Network) using the HP Smart App.

These are the steps for the WPS method.

  • Bring your Windows PC, your smartphone or tablet and your HP printer to the WiFi router.
  • Now, enter your WiFi router into WPS connection mode.
  • To use an HP touchscreen printer control panel, open the menu and click on “Setup Network or Wireless Settings.” Click on the “Push button” to hit the “Start” option.
  • For HP printers without touchscreen control panel: Hold the Wireless button down for approximately five seconds, until the wireless light flashes.
  • You can use this method for certain printers: HP Envy 6000, 6400 and Tango Printers. Hold the WiFi button down and the Power button down for approximately five seconds, until the blue bar blinks.
  • Hold the WPS button for approximately five seconds on your WiFi router within the next two hours, then release it when the connection process begins.
  • Move back to your HP printer once the WPS connection has been establish on the router. Check the status of the wireless bar and light status.
  • When the wireless light ceases flashing, your HP printer has been successfully connected to WiFi router. Visit to install the appropriate HP software and complete the connections with any other devices, such as mobile phones or computers. If you wish to connect your HP printer with Chromebook devices, the process will be different.
  • When the wireless bar or light turns off, or blinks, your HP is not connected with the WiFi router. Follow the steps below if the connection fails.
  • You must restart the WiFi setup mode after your HP printer’s WPS configuration fails.
  • For touchscreen Hp printers: Click on the “Setup or Wireless” menu and choose “Settings” or Network setup. Then click on “Restore Network Setting.”
  • For HP printers without touchscreen displays: Open the “Restore WLAN Setup mode” option on the Printer. This will reset the default settings of your Printer.Also visit printer repair dubai

Once you have completed the WiFi Setup mode restoration, continue the WPS setup for the HP printer starting at the beginning. This will complete the router connection.

How do I find the right WPS pin for my HP printer?

To complete the HP printer WPS setup, you must locate the correct pin. Before the time expires, you must enter the correct PIN. The WPS PIN prompt will appear on your connected computer. Find the PIN on either the Printer’s information page or the printer control panel. After entering the PIN, click the Next button to complete the WPS setup.

If the PIN doesn’t work for any reason, there are several options available:

  • To avoid making any mistakes, create a new PIN. Reboot your computer.
  • You can use a different method, or a different printer driver, if that works for your HP printer Windows setup. You can also find alternative on official platforms if the printer driver needs to be change.
  • Get the HP Smart App

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Locate the WPS Pin on the WiFi router.

The WPS Pin can be found on your router via your ISP. Look at the product label located on the router’s backside or bottom. Look for the SSID (or Wireless Network Name) inscriptions. The PIN will be located underneath these inscriptions. The WPS PIN can be called a Network Key or WiFi Password, Network Password or Wireless Security Key/Password. If you do not see the password on the label, please refer to the router documentation or ask your ISP.

Locate the WPS PIN on Windows.

Under Wireless properties, look for your WPS pin on your Windows PC. Here’s how to find it.

  • Open the WiFi Settings on your Windows PC.
  • Navigate to the Related Settings, and then select Change Adapter options.
  • Right-click on the name of your WiFi network and you will be taken to its website.
  • Click on Status from the list.
  • Click on Wireless Properties and go to the connection.
  • To reveal the secret password, go to Security and check the box that says Show Characters.

Locate WPS PIN in your macOS device.

The WPS PIN can be found under Keychain Access Utility Setting.

  • On your macOS device, open Keychain Access.
  • Double-click on the name of your WiFi network in the System Keychains section. This will launch Keychain Settings.
  • Check the box under the Attributes tab to display the password
  • Next, you can use Touch ID or your Apple ID credentials to enter the System prompts.
  • Enter your Mac Administrator ID, then click the Allow button. The Mac Administrator ID differs from the Apple ID and the iCloud ID. The Users & Groups menu contains details about the Mac Administrator.

If you have any problems with your WPS PIN HP printer setup, contact HP printer assistance.

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