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It is obvious that selling online is a difficult task. The ecommerce landscape is highly competitive and growing fast. You can, fortunately, grow alongside it. Competition will only intensify as shoppers shift from brick-and-mortar to online. And the advantages of being ahead of the curve will grow. Luckily, Shopify customization allows your store to stand out, and it’s not difficult to do.

More than 2 billion digital buyers are predicted in the world by 2021. With a global population of over 7.9 billion, it accounts for more than 25% of the world’s population. With only 1.3 billion worldwide internet buyers in 2014, online shopping has grown dramatically.

To be truly productive, you must become more imaginative while remaining fully aware of what your competitors are doing. Customers should always see you as the obvious choice.

What Shopify theme do you have?

If you created your Shopify customization store before the release of Online Store 2.0 and did not modify it, you will be utilizing their original default theme, Debut. It is intended to be feature-rich and user-friendly in order to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

If your store is newer, you may be utilizing Dawn, Shopify’s most recent default theme. The biggest visible difference between these themes is Dawn’s Online Store 2.0 capabilities, which allows for Shopify sections on every page. Both are straightforward, effective themes that are ready to utilize right away.

You just need to load your products, configure your store’s admin details, and customize your content to get started. While you can make minor adjustments to Shopify’s default theme, your ability to differentiate your store will be limited. Especially when Debut or Dawn is used by the vast majority of Shopify stores. Finding new unique themes is one way to distinguish your store. Some will simply fit your brand better right away.

Where can you find new Shopify themes?

It is simple to find new Shopify themes to add to your store. Our ecommerce agency developers will help you regarding that. There are, nevertheless, many themes to choose from. If you like the look of a certain Shopify site’s design, you can quickly find out what theme they’re using and download it for yourself. Instead, you can look through the best themes from all markets.

To make your job easier and maximize conversions, choose a beautiful, practical, and mobile-friendly theme. You can seek Shopify themes in a variety of places. The Shopify Theme Store is a wonderful starting point. Second, there are various third-party theme markets offering a wide range of premium themes.

Shopify Theme Store

The Shopify Theme Store is a collection of premium and free themes that have been tested by the Shopify team for usability and conformance. While Shopify customization is fairly straightforward, theme customization is substantially easier when you start with a theme that more truly mirrors your unique thought for your business.

Navigate to Online Store > Themes and select “Visit Theme Store” for all themes or “Explore free themes” for customisation options to access the Theme Store from your Shopify panel.

How to upload your Shopify theme

If you bought your theme through the Shopify Theme Store, it would be available in your theme collection on your Shopify dashboard right away. Simply click Personalize in the theme to begin customizing it, and you’re ready to go. To make it your current theme, simply click Actions and Publish.

Before you can begin customizing themes purchased from third-party vendors or developers, you must first upload them. To upload your theme, navigate to Online Store > Themes. Under Theme Library, click the “Add Theme” button.

The basics of Shopify theme customization

Once you’ve decided on a base theme, you can customise it to look exactly how you want. Your current theme and theme library will be displayed in your Themes dashboard. Your current style will show a rudimentary preview of how it will seem out of the box.

You can change your current theme or one from your collection by selecting “Customize.”

Changing the Header Section

There are various ways to personalize your Header area. These modifications will be applied on all store pages since the Header shows on every page of your business.

Here are some things you can change in your Header when you’re using the Dawn theme:

  • Your logo image
  • The width of your personalized logo
  • The placement of your logo on a large screen
  • The navigation menu that displays
  • The addition of a divider line
  • Setting a permanent header

Customizing the footer

Modifications to the Footer section, like changes to the Header section, will be mirrored on all of your store pages.

The options you see here will, once again, be dictated by your theme. Dawn’s customisation options affect things like:

  • The color scheme options based on themes
  • Along with an email signup for
  • Displaying social media symbols
  • Including a region picker
  • Along with a language picker
  • Displaying payment method icons

Adding a section

You are, nevertheless, not confined to the sections depicted on each page design. You can further customize your pages by including parts (and blocks).

Simply press Add part and choose the theme part from the choices to add a portion to your page design (or search for what you want).

You can also include sections such as:

  • Collage
  • Exclusive collection in the Dawn theme.
  • Multicolumn
  • Custom Liquid
  • Blog Posts
  • Email Subscription

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