SEO for Personal Injury Lawyers

As you might understand, this means that the total number of personal injury lawyer claims is likely 1,000 times higher than the 16,000+ personal injury cases that reach court each year as reported by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Why then does not your phone ring nonstop? Why don’t the numerous injury victims in your area call you every week? The key is internet presence because the clients are already there.

Less than 5% of people who search online go past the first page of results on Google, with 75% choosing one of the first three results.

Injury victims obviously don’t look far for legal representation, so if your personal injury law SEO and digital marketing plan isn’t competitive, you won’t receive calls.

It’s An Investment With Long Term Rewards

A personal injury sufferer does not provide ongoing value (at least, we hope not!). Your company won’t receive repeat business from clients.

That means you’ll want a steady stream of fresh leads each month, and if you pay for leads one to one, your company’s revenue will always suffer. 

This is where SEO visibility comes into play; by making the first investment, you can enjoy free targeted traffic for years to come. 

Sure, you’ll need an SEO expert to help you maintain your online presence, but that expense is a drop in the bucket compared to what PPC advertising, billboards, and even commercials can run you.

SEO Levels The Playing Field

We can assist you in competing with (and surpassing) larger firms in your area on Google, regardless of how small or solo your firm is. 

We’ve carried it out in the past and will do it again. There is no reason why you shouldn’t engage in local SEO, even if you can’t match their TV advertising budget.

You Can Easily Measure Results From SEO

Consider spending $100,000 on a TV commercial or $6,000 a month on a billboard or bus advertisement. Did it succeed? How are you to know?

It is difficult to truly know if calls are coming from those advertising or from other channels, but we can try to quantify the ROI in these situations using tracking phone numbers, microsites, and other methods. 

Can you determine the actual cost per lead (CPL) if you start getting calls after running an advertisement? Would there be a better place to spend your money?

The first step we take when starting an SEO campaign for one of our clients is to establish industry-leading site tracking and keyword tracking. 

They immediately begin evaluating results, and then continuously evaluate their performance. They next communicate this information to you via a monthly report. No more uncertainty; they offer transparent, comprehensive reports.

How Do Personal Injury Attorney SEO Rankings = More Cases?

Rank For “Near Me” Searches

Nowadays, the majority of your leads look for terms like “bus accident lawyer near me,” so if you don’t have an effective local SEO cost and strategy, you are losing money. If you can rank in the top 10 results on Google Maps, you’ll start receiving calls. 

Google ranks a company’s listing in the “map pack” based on proximity, Google My Business listing quality, the number of citations you have on the web, and other variables.

Victims Have Lots of Questions, and You Can Answer Them

Did you know that Google records 590 searches for the term “statute of limitations for vehicle accidents” each month? Additionally, those searches frequently contain “…in Utah,” “…in NJ,” etc. because state laws vary.

The law is confusing, and victims want to know what to do after an injury, whether or not they may claim, and how you can help them. 

The same principle applies to medical malpractice, injuries sustained while using public transit, slip and falls, and everything else. We can use data to identify common inquiries from victims of personal injuries Lawyers, making you the go-to source for answers. 

With that approach, you’ll raise your total keyword ranks and convert some blog readers into paying customers.

Go Where The Clients Are

It’s simple; everybody searches Google for information. Someone who was just involved in an automobile accident won’t have time to watch your television advertisement. 

They’ll probably look for “car accident lawyer near me” or “what to do after a car accident in NV.” Our responsibility is to expose folks in need to your website.

Our SEO Strategy for Personal Injury Law Firms

We provide web design, SEO, paid media, content planning, and other services to help personal injury lawyers reach injured people all across the country. 

It all comes down to a few fundamental components, and we have extensive expertise developing SEO strategies from scratch and dealing with personal injuries lawyers that we inherit from other agencies:

On-Site SEO

Using title tags, catchy meta descriptions, and search engine optimization H1 tags, alt tags, and other elements of your website are optimized so that Google will give you the highest possible ranking. Additionally, we check your website for any technical problems like SSL faults, broken links, and pages.

Keyword Research

To ensure that we are pursuing the most valuable search queries, we combine Google’s data with our own personal experience. 

We’ve discovered that personal injury search terms differ by region, so we’ll employ a variety of measures to ensure that we are focusing on the most popular or pertinent search term. 

For instance, do potential clients in your area look up “lawyers” or “attorneys”? “Car collisions” or “Car accidents”? We’ll work out these details for you.

Earning High Value Backlinks

In order to get your law practice acknowledged online, we know how to locate high-quality backlink chances for personal injury attorneys and we employ tools, common sense, and PR techniques. 

We can help you locate possibilities to gain backlinks from trustworthy websites that will help you rank higher, get listed in every legal directory under the sun, and pitch articles (that we are pleased to create for you) to relevant periodicals.

Local SEO For Personal Injury Firms

You can get a respectable amount of leads by concentrating solely on the “near me” part of SEO, as we said earlier. 

Your website will be local search optimized, your name, address, and phone number (NAP) will be published online, and we’ll work to boost your position in the map pack. Additionally, we may actively remove spams listings from your area, giving you a chance to rank higher.

It is impossible to exaggerate the value of local SEO for personal injury lawyers. Even if your business is new, the fact that your rankings are influenced by your location will help you outrank more seasoned legal professionals for “near me” searches.

Competitor Analysis

They can use technologies to find out what backlinks their rivals have, what weaknesses in company content strategy might be preventing business from succeeding, and, in short, why other businesses rank higher than you on Google. Using that data, they develop a plan of attack to take them on.

However, they never chase other companies; instead, they concentrate on generating excellent outcomes for their customers. While competitor analysis helps them make wise choices, in the end, they develop a special and efficient SEO plan for their business.

Negative SEO Cleanup

Since the practice of personal injury law is very competitive, some law firms engage in unethical internet behavior. Additionally, lawyers may become involved in contentious lawsuits, which can result in bad press.

They can assist businesses with minimizing the effects of negative reviews, burying negative media coverage, and resolving the aftermath of an intentional SEO attack. If anyone encounters these problems, please let us know; we’d be pleased to share our knowledge with you.

Content Marketing For Personal Injury Attorneys

Let Majux conduct keyword research on queries people are asking about personal injuries Lawyers. They use data to target the keywords with the largest volume and highest value. 

The in-house team of legal writers (many of whom have passed the bar exam) produce in-depth, instructive blogs and pages that will generate leads to business sites. 

If companies don’t have in-depth, thoroughly researched content, Google won’t regard their website as an authoritative source, and this information will help the business rank higher for specific financial phrases.

Moreover, they tackle material from the complete funnel. In addition to having articles and blogs that will benefit visitors who are still deciding whether to file a lawsuit or hire an attorney, the website also needs to offer specific material for searchers near the end of the sales funnel. 

They’ve collaborated with general injury law firms, workers’ compensation lawyers, medical malpractice lawyers, auto accident lawyers, and everyone in between. 

Every company has a distinct set of objectives, capacities, and areas of expertise, and they may adjust their marketing plan to produce leads that can aid in the expansion of their company. 

Please let us know if a company requires a content strategy around property liability, a Google Ads campaign to create medical malpractice leads, or a campaign in Spanish for vehicle accidents.

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