Role in the Development of Children

Role of Teacher and Parent in the Development of Children

Parents at home and teachers at schoolwork together to groom children that help them to develop better learning and social skills and succeed in life. Schools like Sarvodaya Balika Vidyalaya help students to fulfil their responsibilities to prepare children to become respectable, lovable and responsible individuals. On the other hand, parents must also help the teachers to fulfil this responsibility by preparing children at home. Thus both parents and teachers play an important role in your child’s overall development by providing the foundation for learning.

Parent’s role in child development

A parent is a child’s first teacher who functions as a coach and exposes a child to age-appropriate challenges. They encourage development and allow children to explore in their own way and learn from interacting with their environment. However best SSC Hindi medium schools help children to shape their future, but the role of parents remains the most crucial as they provide them with much-needed support and encouragement. The important role of parents is:

  1. They must help children to differentiate between right and wrong and also include some basic manners that earn that appreciation whoever they go. Teachers help children to play.
  2. Parents must encourage the child to be more engaged and active with the outside environment. It is important for them to let their children exercise and play as it is a crucial part of physical well being.
  3. The interaction of parents with their children is one of the essential factors that help them to develop socially. Parent’s social interactions with children teach them to be affectionate. And also help them to inculcate the feeling of compassion, deliberation and understanding.
  4. It is very important to be emotionally sound ad to be in sync with your inner feelings and thoughts. This link-up is vital for the development of children that helps them to learn more about relationships, emotions and love.

Role of teachers in the development of children

The importance of teachers in child’s life cannot be overstated as they play a vital role in influencing their personalities and in shaping their future. Teachers at the best SSC schools in Mumbai provide a strong educational foundation to their students. And encouragement that children need to persevere and succeed in life. Some vital role of teachers in child life is:

  1. Teachers provide children with a well-rounded education, and that helps them to find their own strengths and interests. They help them to succeed by introducing activities as per their age and abilities. Teachers supply them with the necessary information and introduce them to the new world around them.
  2. Teachers at best schools like Sarvodaya Balika Vidyalaya play a major role in motivating students and helping them building their self-esteem. They offer children a support system and encourage them to set and work towards their final goal. They inspire them to dream big and to achieve it.
  3. Teachers act as role models to students and serve as a positive influence in student’s life. They do so by treating children with kindness, compassion, fairness and consideration. They help students to learn ways to explore and interest and communicate that to others.
  4. Teachers help children to learn through play as it helps them to build their knowledge, develop confidence and embrace curiosity. They help them naturally refine practical life and to develop their motor skills.

Kudilal Govindram Seksaria Sarvodaya School

Parents and teachers have a common goal of a child’s development. And by partnering, they can play a much e active role in their lives. Parents must communicate with teachers and can work together to assist and guide children to do better. Parents should work with teachers to plan effectively and to make learning strategies that can boost their child’s self-esteemed. And confidence and to develop their educational abilities. Kudilal Govindram Seksaria Sarvodaya School is among the best schools attached to the SSC board of the state government. With its multifarious activities, the school has attained great recognition in Mumbai.


KGSS is the best SSC hindi medium School in Mumbai. The school has been imparting quality education to its students since its establishment in the year 1958. The school has a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who are dedicated to their teaching profession. The students of this school are disciplined and well-behaved. The school has a good academic track record. The students of this school have always performed well.

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