How to Recover iPhone Data from iCloud?

Looking for your overall deleted data in your iPhone? In fact, a way for obtaining information related to photos, recordings, contacts, libraries, and other data is built into every Apple device.  

With each device, iCloud gives 1 free email login with 5GB of information stockpiling, and to have more capacity, you can go for iCloud+. You have to pay a few sums and take membership for utilizing iCloud+.  

Windows users can also use iCloud to access the data. Given that the information is jumbled, it provides a higher level of security. 

The new rebranding hasn’t changed the costs of the four offered plans. They are: 

Everybody gets a free iCloud account that incorporates 5GB of iCloud stockpiling. You can get an iCloud Premium membership with 50Gb of space at $0.99 monthly. For $2.99 a month, you might just get 200GB of iCloud storage that you could always share with your Apple Family. 

We have Different methods for you to recover your iPhone using iCloud(Best 3 ways) 

3 Ways to recover iCloud data 


Way 1: Directions about how to factory reset your iPhone in regaining your iCloud files 

if the iPhone’s performance is exceedingly sluggish, the best way is to wipe the complete IOS and reinstall it. Also, make sure to have a backup iCloud file before wiping out the data. When you buy a new iPhone and wish to transfer all of your data from your old iPhone to your new one, this approach is frequently employed. 

First of all, for backing up the data – 

  • Go to iPhone settings -> select your name -> select iCloud -> Select the backup file as per the date  and time -> Click on “Backup Now”. 
  •  Assuming that you have made the backup already, follow the underneath moves toward getting iPhone information –  
  • Go to settings -> go to general settings -> select Reset/Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Select Erase all content & settings. 
  • Adhere to on-screen guidance to fire the set-up process. Choose “Restore from iCloud backup”  when you arrive at the app and data screen. 
  • Sign in utilizing your apple id to take a look at iCloud backups and select the necessary backup file  to re-establish. 

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Way 2: How to restore an iPhone’s data from iCloud without performing a factory reset 

It will always not be the case where you want to erase all data on your existing iPhone. If you need  only few files or photos to recover, you can use this option – 

  • Go to any browser and login to
  • Use your apple id or iCloud id in order to get your iCloud synced files. 
  • Select the relevant type you require, and you are ready to go. 

The iCloud drive is another means of getting at the data. But be known that the data in iCloud is  present for 30 days only. The default retention policy is applicable for 30 days.

Way 3: Recovering iPhone data using iCloud Data Recovery 

iCloud data recovery is another smart way to retrieve information. This method uses the iMyFone D-Back application, which can extract 18 kinds of file types including call logs, voice messages, WhatsApp messages and whatnot. 

The steps to retrieve the data are pretty simple – 

  • Download the iMyFone application on the Machine. Open it and choose “Recover from iCloud  Backup” from the side menu. 
  • Select “Start” from the menu. Pick the necessary iCloud backup file. 
  • By signing into your iCloud account, you may now choose to download an iCloud backup file. 
  • Select the required files and the location to which you want to store the retrieved data and we are done. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 – What should you do if your iCloud gets locked? 

Apple provides an iCloud lock to prevent any unauthorized user to use your iPhone data. In case your iPhone is stolen, you can wipe the data remotely using Find My iPhone and can give the iCloud password to reactivate it later. 

2 – Can iCloud be accessed on an Android device? 

The answer is Yes. Just login to with your existing apple id or create new one and login. 3 – Is your iCloud backup is encrypted? 

When iCloud transfers the data, it does in an encrypted form. It stores the encryption keys in Apple data centers. Thus making the process safe. 

Final Words  

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