Quran is easier by Shia online classes.

Online Shia Quran Classes Help You Understand the Quran and Religion


The online Shia Quran classes are taught by highly qualify tutors who have study the Quran thoroughly and have acquire knowledge from senior scholars. We offer online classes for kids as well as adults and you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office, or on your smartphone or tablet if you’re on-the-go. Our courses are self-pace, so you can take as much time as you need to learn each chapter and verse of the Quran and other religious texts, whichever way is most convenient for you.

How it Works?

A tutor educates only one student at a time. Your lessons will be conduct in your living room by a qualify tutor who follows your schedule. Our online classes are for kids and adults, helping them learn their religion in a new way, using modern technology. With Momineen all over world looking to learn how to read Quran, there is no better way than to offer on-demand classes directly from you home! All you need is internet access and we can conduct classes at any hour, any day or night of week! We offer special classes for children and females since they face special challenges when learning how to read Quran.

Why Choose Us?

A Tutor Educates Only One Student At A Time. You Can Take Your Lessons In Your Living Room. Start Your Learning From Anywhere Special Classes For Children And Females On-Demand Timing Of The Lessons

What Students Have to Say About Us

I was looking for a convenient way to learn about my religion, so I decide to join Shia Tutoring. My son attends special classes at his local mosque, but he also need help learning in a more relax environment. So we sign up for online courses, which we could take on our own schedule. – Mary Willis, a mother of two children who attend ATA Academy in California. [ATA Academy] has help me reach my personal goal of improving my religious knowledge while providing me with material that is both structure and comprehensive. When I have time off work during Ramadan and holidays like Eid Al-Fitr, it is much easier to pick up an online course than attend class at another mosque. – Jack Selvon, a graduate from Mississauga in Ontario Canada.

Why Should I Take Religious Lessons?

Taking online lessons allows you to learn wherever you are, whenever you want. All you need is your smartphone or laptop (in some cases), a stable internet connection, and good time management skills. For instance, with ShiaQuranAcademy’s on-demand classes, all of your lessons are already record so there’s no waiting around for a tutor to log in; just watch your lessons at a time convenient to you. Plus, online learning lets you choose from hundreds of individualize classes creat by expert tutors; all of them brought together here on one easy-to-use platform. Our courses are flexible so that students can join them anytime they want. Why wait? Start today!

Benefits of Learning Quran Online

A Tutor Educates Only One Student At A Time. You Can Take Your Lessons In Your Living Room. Start Your Learning From Anywhere Special Classes For Children And Females On-Demand Timing Of The Lessons, We Offer The Opportunity To Learn From An Expert About Islam, Speak To A Tutor Anytime About Anything On Your Mind No Cursing Of Allah Is Allow And We Also Provide Recitations During Ramadan, you can have an individualize learning experience under professional tutoring with our teachers to enhance your skills in learning.

Ways to Learn Quranic Arabic

There are four main ways to learn Quranic Arabic. But be careful, if you’re not willing to work hard it’s going to be difficult. The first way is easy: just memorize a few phrases and expressions. If you already know a spoken language like English, Spanish, or French, then you’ve got an easy time of it! Once you get some basic expressions under your belt like Alhamdullilah (thanks God) or Insha’Allah (God willing), people will be impresse with how quickly you pick up Quranic Arabic! A second way to start learning Quranic Arabic is by reading it in translation. This should only be done if you’ve already study classical Arabic because without some understanding of grammar and sentence structure it will all make little sense!

When Can I Start?

A tutor will have a set schedule of lesson times. If you sign up for a 3-hour class, that’s all you get. However, if you book one-on-one sessions with a tutor, or sign up for private tutoring sessions, you can learn at your own pace without feeling rush to get through lessons in a certain amount of time. It allows both student and tutor to determine when it is most convenient to meet and go over lessons.

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