Project Management Tools for Increasing Productivity of Your Business

Every project would be completed “on time and within budget” in an ideal world. However, reality, particularly the data that has been confirmed, paints a totally different picture.

It often happens for undertakings to fall flat. The question to ask, even if the budget and schedule are satisfied, is:

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Did the project meet our expectations for quality and results?

The answer to this question may vary depending on the viewpoint. To successfully manage projects, no one technique or organizational structure may be employed. Any project may fail, regardless of the organization.

Project failure may occur for a variety of reasons, both simple and complicated; these causes can fall under any step of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), from start to go live. Project managers and/or team members sometimes have no control over certain situations. Failure is sometimes within your control. Projects that fail and the individuals engaged in them have similar characteristics. Based on my experience, I’ve attempted to list some of the most important and fundamental causes of project failure, which may vary from project to project.

The success of a firm relies on both well-organized concepts and the selection of the best project management tools. It’s not simple to start a new company. Numerous considerations must be made, including how you will implement your concept, what measures must be taken to go forward, how you will grow your company, etc. You must choose the appropriate instrument if you want to operate your firm effectively. With the help of these technologies, you may collaborate with other teams and make sure that everything happens at the proper moment. Additionally, you don’t have to follow individuals in order to find out the most recent facts on their growth. The benefit’s versatility makes it the greatest investment for your company.

The greatest option would be to choose project management tools you can access from wherever. It would be quite beneficial if you could get the information in real time and learn about the reports of what is occurring. Online tools are the best option from this standpoint since the data is accessible from anywhere because it is uploaded to a server rather than stored on a hard drive. Additionally, you may correct any mistakes and issues before they get out of hand.

Today, there are many diverse uses for project management tools, such as teamwork and conferencing, billing, time keeping, issue, and ticket tracking, wiki-based tools, etc.

Base Camp

It is regarded as one of the top management and collaboration tools. File sharing, milestones, to-do lists, discussion boards, time tracking, project summaries, and comments are some of its appealing features. Another benefit is the user interface’s simplicity and flexibility to be integrated with other programs. Although it’s not the most affordable option, the cost is fair.

The Trac Project is a wiki-based program that has progress monitoring, a subversion browser, a timeline, and a road map. The plug-ins that are available for it are its most outstanding feature. Web authentication, file management, code documentation, ticketing, user administration, testing, and version control are all made possible by these plug-ins. It’s also free.

A simple bug tracking system called 16bugs uses color coding to distinguish between various types of information. The key advantages of this program are its quick setup, user-friendly interface, and affordable pricing.


JIRA is a program for tracking bugs. It has comprehensive reporting capabilities, project management tools, and customized process mapping. Plug-ins may be added to improve performance. By including these plug-ins, demands for charting, time tracking, bamboo integration, and other things may be satisfied. However, you must pay a significant sum of money to see these performances by JIRA.

ActiveCollab is a platform for collaboration that enables you to build up a management-friendly collaboration space on your website. Assignments, established online conversations, file sharing, group writing, time-tracking, reminders, timetable functionality, and ticket administration are some of its features. Additionally, you may install plug-ins to fulfill your specific requirements.


You may reduce your budget and operate your firm with fewer people if you utilize project management tools properly. You may work more cooperatively to complete your normal tasks and get rid of problems like poor management and poor communication. Various tiers of your company will see a boost in production and efficiency. You have the opportunity to dominate your industry and be far ahead of your rivals.

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