Things to Consider Before You go to Pawna Lake Camp


A relaxing weekend by the tranquil lake after a long stretch of work is the ideal method to relax and get refreshed. It is located in Lonavala around 120km away from Mumbai and 65km away from Pune, Pawna Lake is an ideal family-friendly getaway. Since it is affordable, this location is a popular choice for young travelers. The area is surrounded by hills. area isn’t as explored however, with the fact that the Pawna dam is being constructed is gaining more interest. Therefore, before it gets popular and crowded put it on your bucket list and make an excursion to the stunning Camping at Pawna Lake.

Many fun activities such as paragliding, kayaking and kayaking, as well as exploring nearby hills, and going to temples are possible at Pawna however, of them all camping, it is the most popular because it allows you to enjoy the views to the fullest, including breathtaking sunrise and sunset.

The experience of spending a few moments in the lap of nature will make you be aware that regardless of how technologically advanced we are and how advanced our technology gets, we’ll always search for ways to be in touch with Mother Nature.

Things to remember when planning to camp close to Pawna Lake:

The lake’s location is sure to provide you with a variety of ways to enjoy water activities. However, you must be cautious and choose your sports according to your abilities and ability as the lake is quite deep. Bring your swimwear since it is required in case you decide to swim. To save money on your travel and efficient, consider taking the shared jeep from there to Mumbai and Pune.

Selecting the best type of camp site plays an important part in making your time pleasant and comfortable. Camping is a social event where an ideal environment and pleasant atmosphere with other campers is crucial. When selecting a camping spot, make sure you know if it is family or couple focused and then select accordingly. The kind of crowd and the way they behave will impact your comfort and enjoyment in a significant way.

After the accommodation, eating out is among the main elements. When you book the campsite, make sure you check the menu and other food options.

Camp organizers can only provide the essentials such as fresh water and clean bedding and so on. It is your responsibility to research your requirements and carry your own essentials. A few of them could be sunscreen lotion, light clothing mosquito repellents and umbrellas for you are camping during the rainy season, torchlights, first aidkits, your camera, etc. These little items will spare your from unnecessary hassle and costs, while adding the comfort of your stay.

Best Time for Pawna Camping

The beautiful lake in Maharashtra is accessible to tourists all entire year. While January through May and October-December are thought to be the most appropriate months. The winters in this area are awe-inspiring with a cool breeze and pleasant weather throughout December. It also offers an array of enjoyable activities to make the most of your time.

If you plan to camp in this area and want to avoid the time of rain. It is a great option to go during light drizzles or right following the end of rainy seasons has ended as you’ll see the lush greenery and birds singing about.

Other activities do experience at Pawna Lake

The lake is not simply a place to camp. If you’ve done your study of the exciting activities that are available in this lake, it can turn out to be a dream for campers and adventurers. 


Paragliding in Pawna The most sought-after activity here is paragliding that lets you glide through the crisp air that is Pawna and cut through the clouds and enjoying a 360-degree panorama of the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds you.

The Views

The beauty of the sunrise and sunset The numerous forts and hilltops located near the lake will provide stunning views of the setting and rising sun. The stunning landscape of this area is the perfect place to snap pictures and preserve the moments of joy forever.


Other than these two things You can also kayak on the lake, take a photo as well as bird watching. You can also play a variety of games such as darts, beach volleyball or even a dart game at your campsite. Other places nearby to visit include Kondeshwar Temple Kondeshwar, Shinde Wadi Hills, Dinosaur Park, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort and Dudhiware Waterfall.

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