NOC From Pollution Control Board

NOC From Pollution Control Board is a certification that you have the ability to control pollution. You will be able to get the NOC From the Pollution Control Board certificate. The NOC From Pollution Control Board is a serious and professional certificate which will give you the ability to run your business properly and efficiently.

The Pollution Control Board (PCB) is an independent statutory body that regulates pollution and its effects.

The PCB provides a wide range of services, including:

  • monitoring, assessing and reporting on environmental conditions in the state;
  • assisting in the enforcement of environmental regulations; and
  • promoting awareness about water pollution control.

The NOC From Pollution Control Board certificate is an important document because it shows that you know how to control pollution and protect the environment from harmful gases and chemicals. This certificate can also help people around you by showing that you are responsible for the safety of people you.


If you want to get this certificate then you must first learn about what it means and what it does for your business. After that, apply for this certificate by following all the instructions provided by the board itself so that they can check for all your requirements before giving out your certificate which will then be valid for five years after getting issued.


Once you have received your NOC From Pollution Control Board Certificate.

NOC From Pollution Control Board

A NOC is a certificate issued by the pollution control board to industries that have installed pollution-control equipment. The NOC is issued after proper inspection of the pollution control system and testing of its effectiveness. The process of getting a NOC certificate is quite simple and involves submitting a detailed application form along with all necessary documents.

 The NOC process requires companies to undergo an extensive assessment of their processes for managing environmental risks such as pollution, waste disposal, and hazardous substances.

  • Identifying environmental risks
  • Developing a management system
  • Implementing the management system
  • Auditing the management system

Type of consent

The consent process is a key part of India’s environmental laws and regulations. The CTE and CTO are issued to a particular project or activity by a state government. They specify the consent conditions that must be met before the project can commence and during its operation. For example, they may specify that no new air pollution control projects will be allowed in the state until existing ones have been completed.

The type of consent required is Consent to Establish (CTE), and Consent to Operate (CTO). 

  1. CTE is the first step in obtaining a license. It involves obtaining approval from the pollution control board for a company’s proposed location, design, and operation.
  2. CTO is required for all new or existing facilities. This includes power plants, factories, and other industrial operations. The units must obtain permission to operate once the industry, plant, or process has been established in accordance with mandated pollution control systems. The CTO application is submitted to a state pollution control board where it is reviewed by experts who determine if the project complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

The functions performed by the Pollution Control Board are:

  1. To provide for the enforcement of pollution control laws;
  2. To establish and maintain standards, rules and regulations governing the discharge of pollutants into waters;
  3. To regulate the use and disposal of solid wastes in such manner as may be necessary to prevent their contamination or adverse effects on public health or welfare, marine resources, air quality and other environmental concerns;
  4. To conduct research into the effects of emissions on human health and property values;
  5. To provide technical assistance to local governments in planning a comprehensive program to prevent pollution from entering local waterways;

Documents required pollution control board

The following documents and information are required :

  1. Authorized Person Pan card.
  2. CA Letter for total project cost.
  3. Site Plan /Naksha.
  4. Proof of Ownership.
  5. CA Certification
  6. Authorized Person Aadhar card.
  7. Pan card of the unit in case of Partnership/Company.
  8. Authorization letter (except Proprietorship

Rules under the pollution control board

  1. A person shall not discharge any pollutants into the atmosphere except in accordance with such conditions as may be prescribed by the pollution control board.
  2. A person who owns an industrial or commercial establishment and who wishes to change his location within this state shall file with the pollution control board an application for a new permit before he begins construction of a new plant, equipment or other structure at his new site.
  3. No person shall construct any new building on land owned by him without first obtaining a permit from the pollution control board for such construction and providing that he does not increase such amount of pollution which was being discharged into the atmosphere immediately prior to such construction thereof by more than fifty per cent.

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