Nighttime tenting in Ananthagiri hills


Journey sports are trending in Ananthagiri hills. and among those, tenting is becoming one of the nice and trending activities that you could do, taking part in beneath the blanket of stars and having one of the first-rate reports in life. 

Read further to understand one of the great nighttime tenting destinations i.E. Camping at Ananthagiri hills.


The Ananthagiri trek, known as the Ooty of Telangana, are in Vikarabad and are abundantly blanketed in grasslands and sunflower fields. Except for Ananthagiri trekking you might experience Kayaking at the same time as camping out at Ananthagiri Hills with Freakouts Adventures. To get to the quit of the valley and the breathtaking view of the Deccan Plateau, you can hike via the woodland. 

Peacocks and chirping birds will greet you inside the morning. You may then go and skip via the jungle’s muddy trails and take in the sundown over the valley.

Camping at Ananthagiri hills is one such element that you would virtually want to do in case you are planning to go to the Ananthagiri hills and spend a while snuggling in mom nature wherein you’ll get the enjoy of becoming one with nature.

Best time to vist 

The weather inside the forest region can be visited during the year, with wintertime lows of 13 to 25 °C. The monsoon season is the nice time to book a ride to Ananthagiri Hills because the rain-soaked landscape takes on a reviving view. 

The mountainous streams and waterfalls are given lifestyles through the rainwater, which makes them appear lovely in all their beauty. The situations are suitable for sightseeing. However, the first-class season to engage in extreme hobbies like mountain climbing and trekking is from October to February.

Tenting in the Hills

Tenting at night time is in particular one of the most memorable and beautiful stories for someone where you could get a lifetime enjoy of dozing beneath the blanket of stars and gazing on the endless sky. Camping is an enjoy that lets in us to take in ourselves and it is a special type of camp when you’re camping at the peak of seven hundred meters. 

The camp at Ananthagiri hills may be considered as a camp that lets in you to get to recognize nature and recognize it with the aid of spending the whole night underneath that very nature looking to get immersed in that nostalgic enjoy.

A quick Tentative itinerary

Day 1: Reporting on the campsite

You may be reporting to the campsite afternoon and playing some outdoor games and might be doing some other activities for enjoyment. Then at night time you’ll be staying on the camp and revel in your experience and allow yourselves to be a part of that surroundings. 

Day 2: Returning

Today you’ll be getting back from the camp and might pass either for hiking or can go back if you aren’t a trekking enthusiast. 

Other locations of key interest in Ananthagiri hills

Ananthagiri hills viewpoint

One of the exceptional places for vacationers to go to and take inside the breathtaking beauty of the hills from above is this place, also known as Godamguda viewpoint. Moreover, it is not at all hard to journey up to the site. When you get there, you can spend time together, make reminiscences in opposition to Ananthagiri’s lush inexperienced surroundings and experience it to the fullest.

Kotipally reservoir

Kotipally is a wonderful location to visit if you need sports near the hills. For a little amount of  INR 150 per person, you would possibly revel in sports like Lakeside camping, kayaking, and Boating. Of direction, as time passes and you pick out different sports, the value will differ.

Tyda park

For a extra gradual publicity to the desert, this place is good first of all. Right here, birds and animals are allowed to graze freely in front of visitors and campers. In truth, gambling some enjoyable games and tenting right here make the experience worthwhile. The park is a brilliant heaven for the ones journey seekers who also searching for quiet from the bustling towns.

Coffee plantations

Many human beings lengthy to see the tall trees which might be protecting up the espresso flora and assisting the pepper vines. There is no higher way to spend your holiday than in Ananthagiri. The espresso farms, wherein guests can scent and taste actual coffee, are among the exceptional points of interest in Ananthagiri Hills.

Katiki waterfalls

You may revel in the water stream that cascades from a height of 50 feet close by Borra Caves after a 2 kilometer hike. The waterfall is a famous vacationer destination and has beautiful views. On your experience, you can take breathtaking pics and feature coffee even as taking inside the breathtaking surroundings. Hiking, which is a lot of fun and adventurous, is one of the activities to do in the Ananthagiri Hills.

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