Moving Heavy Furniture: A Guide by Expert Local Movers

Moving Heavy Furniture: A Guide by Expert Local Movers

Moving heavy furniture is a significant job whether you’re moving or merely rearranging your space. 

Use these quick tricks by expert local moving service Marietta GA to move awkward or large objects without damaging your back, your home, or the furniture. 

Use your head, not your back, while moving heavy furniture by yourself!

First, Get Some Help

No matter how physically fit and powerful you are, there are some things you simply should not carry upstairs by yourself. 

Large, heavy objects should be carried by two individuals. In fact, you can have lighter items that are still rather hefty, like antique television sets, or larger but lighter objects, like bed frames, that call for two movers.

Create A Moving Strategy

Make a plan for how you will proceed and what you will need in order to transfer the heavy furniture. It’s more complicated than just picking something up and carrying it up the stairs. 

The stairs may be crowded, and the furnishings may be large or awkwardly shaped. Furthermore, if it’s a large piece of furniture, you’ll need at least one helper.

Take Out Any Barriers

Clearing your environment of anything that could cause you to trip or fall is perhaps one of the most crucial suggestions in this tutorial on how to move heavy furniture alone. 

This means the floor and walkways must be free of toys, shoes, bubble wrap, and cardboard boxes. In the same spirit, make sure your children aren’t running around and confine your dogs to a certain area.

Moving Furniture Upstairs

Before lifting anything heavy and beginning your transfer, make sure you know how much room it will require and at what angle you need to transport it. Measure the furniture and the stairway. 

You can avoid becoming stopped on your journey by measuring the size of the furniture and the breadth of the steps.

Think about the stairway’s design and construction. How to transfer the furniture depends heavily on the kind of stairs and the material they are constructed of as well. 

Carrying anything upstairs will be quite easy if the staircase is straight. 

However, the task will be far more difficult for spiral and helical steps. In addition, if the steps are made of marble or wood, you will need to be especially careful so you don’t damage them on your trip. This is because you will need to drag through the small passage and there will be less space to turn.

High-Low Movement

The bulk of the problematic goods will be large pieces like beds, couches, desks, and dressers. When climbing stairs, try to carry these high and low.

What we mean by that is as follows. Say you are relocating a workstation. From under the desk’s top, the person further up the steps will carry. 

From the bottom, when the desk touches the floor, the person lower on the steps will carry. Since the person higher up will have to climb the stairs backward, go cautiously and with caution.

With this technique, the object is better kept balanced and its potential pivot point is kept closer to its center. Additionally, it keeps the desk, bookcase, or whatever upright.

Straps for Moving Furniture: Shoulder Dolly

Moving and lifting straps (such as the sort depicted here, the Shoulder Dolly) relieve pressure on your back by utilizing leverage and powerful muscle groups. Additionally, they free up your hands so you can move awkward objects. 

However, because all of the weight is transferred to the downhill mover, they might be challenging to use on stairs.

Furniture Protection: Use Blankets and Plastic

Relocating blankets come in quite handy for safeguarding both your home and the things you’re moving. 

Yes, renting them is less expensive, but you can also buy a number of them at home centers for only a small premium and keep them on hand at all times. (In addition, you’ll utilize them for a variety of other tasks.)

Dressers, tables, and other furniture should be completely wrapped in moving blankets and fastened with stretch film to avoid damage to the finish and delicate edges. 

Stretch film comes in 20-in. × 1,500-ft. rolls and costs around $20 at home improvement stores and moving supply stores.

For local moving cost of heavy furniture, get a free estimate with local moving service Marietta GA.

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