Mistakes You Make While Doing A Dissertation

Your professor told you you must write a dissertation to finish your degree. At this point, you might start to feel scared. What does “dissertation” mean? It sounds hard or like a big project that will need a lot of planning. When you first start working on your thesis or dissertation, you might feel overwhelmed, but then you might be glad to be able to write anything at all.

For the average undergraduate student, who may be prone to putting things off, a dissertation requires not only writing a long paper, but also doing research, analysing data, and making a long list of sources. That’s why it’s important to make a detailed plan for your dissertation.


This post should give you some tips and tricks for success and help you avoid making some common mistakes. However, if you want to completely skip the hassle, just get in touch with an assignment helper online, they will take care of your dissertation and other assignments. https://dreamnewshub.com/


Why do I need to do a dissertation?


The whole point of a dissertation is to show your professor that you are a good researcher. This can be hard because it’s likely your first time doing real research and your first time doing research on this scale. To become a good researcher, you have to show that you know how to do each step of your dissertation.


But it’s important to avoid making a few common mistakes, because not doing so can have a big effect on the end result. As academic editors, here are some of the most common mistakes we see. 

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5 Mistakes You Make While Doing A Dissertation


  1. Not researching “enough”


The amount of research you’ll do for a master’s thesis will be a lot more than you’ve ever done before. If you’re doing your doctoral dissertation, it will be even more than that. When you’ve done enough research, you’ll have a lot of ideas to help you get creative. Only then will you be able to come up with unique ideas that will be the heart of your work. When you don’t have enough references to back up your points, it really shows. In fact, it can ruin everything else you’ve done.


Also, it’s a mistake to do a lot of research in a very narrow way. Read a lot about what you do. A wide range of sources gives your work more credibility and makes it look less biassed.


  1. Waiting until the last minute to do things


Between 100 and 200 pages is the average length of a dissertation (although, depending on the topic, a dissertation could be even longer). Any way you look at it, that is a lot of work to put off until the last minute. You’ll have to send in several draughts and give your supervisors and other readers enough time to think about it. You’ll also need time to act on what they say. And you and they will have to do these things on top of classes and other responsibilities. If you’re in a hurry when you write, you might make careless mistakes, but more importantly, you won’t have time to give your work a truly unique perspective. Plan well and then give yourself more room than you think you’ll need.

  1. Selecting the wrong subject

If you choose a topic that no one else is interested in or that you’re not particularly interested in, it might be hard to keep people’s or your own attention on it after months or even years of work. When you’re trying to finish, that’s not a good spot to be in. There are many other ways to make a bad choice. Don’t choose a topic that sounds “academic” to try to impress people. You’ll get bored and might not be able to do the job well. Also, think about whether your particular angle is out of date or has been written about a lot. For more Details https://kerbalcomics.com/

  1. Being disorganised

This is true not only for how you do your research, especially in the sciences, but also for how you write. You need a system to keep track of your quotes, sources, and citations. And each part of your dissertation should have a clear structure and show how ideas move from one part to the next. Your work could be brilliant and new, but if it’s not organised, no one will be able to find it.

  1. Giving out too much info

Yes, there is such a thing as staying on track with the main ideas in your work. To write a credible document, you need to give enough background and context. Doing a lot of research will give you a strong base. But sidetracked thoughts and ideas that don’t matter are distracting. They also look like they are just “filler.”


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