List of benefits of short-term bike insurance

If you are a first-time bike owner or someone looking to upgrade their existing bike insurance then you must know about all the available options before making your purchase. There are some of the best insurance providers like Bajaj Allianz and Acko bike insurance for you to purchase from the Indian market. According to the rule of the government, it is a must to have proper two wheeler insurance online third-party to drive legally on Indian roads. Apart from that, choosing between long-term and short-term bike insurance will definitely be a dilemma. 


Here are all the benefits discussed in detail regarding short-term bike insurance

  • Policy renewal

With the short-term bike insurance plans, you will have to pay recurring premiums as the tenure of the plan you choose. Most short-term two-wheeler insurance online third party provides coverage for a year; after that, you must process your renewal. So, it is slightly better if you cannot afford long-term bike insurance. Service providers such as Acko bike insurance offers easy short-term procedure that save a lot more time and effort.

  • Flexibility:

You can revisit or modify your four insurance in a short-term two-wheeler insurance policy every year and take advantage of any offers and discounts. You could choose from various Add-ons such as Zero-depreciation, No Claim Bonus Protection, etc. No Claim Bonus Discounts can be availed at the end of each year. Hence, short-term policies offer better flexibility compared to long-term two-wheeler insurance policies.

For example, at the time of two-wheeler insurance online third-party policy renewal, you can increase your policy coverage or add a rider via an add-on. As a result, a short-term bike insurance policy is more adaptable than a long-term two-wheeler policy because you can change your policy every year. As a result, if you want precise protection as well as the freedom to change each year, you should consider a short-term bike insurance plan. Short-term insurance is preferable if you require more specific protection and flexibility.

  • Add-ons:

In addition to the insurance coverage for your bike, short-term four insurance policies offer riders such as Zero-Depreciation, Return to Invoice, NCB Protection, etc. When it comes to including riders in your policy, short-term policies have an advantage over long-term policies since you can add these riders every year. Service providers such as Acko bike insurance offers the best add-ons. You can visit their website for more lucrative add-on offers and pick the one that looks more beneficial to you. 

  • Better for old vehicles 

A short-term insurance policy like Acko bike insurance is appropriate if you own an old two wheeler insurance that is unlikely to last more than three years. If the two-wheeler is too old, opting for a long-term insurance policy will be a very bad choice.

  • Based on the kilometres option

The policyholder can plan their insurance policy for short-term bike insurance based on the number of kilometres they will drive. As a result, it is based on usage. For the duration of the policy, the policyholder can obtain theft and fire coverage, which will be useful even when the vehicle is not in use. Furthermore, the premium is calculated based on the number of kilometres driven by service providers like Acko bike insurance.

  • Easy to purchase

The cost of purchasing short-term insurance such as Acko four insurance is advantageous because it is inexpensive. An additionally beneficial feature is that the policy can be topp up regularly. If the policyholder exceeds the number of kilometres of the policy plan that they have opted for, they will be able to top it up and continue with the policy. This structure saves additional unnecessary expenditure.

It is useful for those who do not drive frequently. It saves the cost of purchasing a full insurance policy that would provide elaborate coverages that are not required while the vehicle is not in use and the cost of paying for insurance for a year by allowing for short-term policy periods.

Take a look at some things that you need to know and remember about short-term bike insurance:

The benefit of buying short-term two-wheeler insurance online third party is its cost as it is economical to purchase.

  • You will need to renew your insurance policy every year.
  • You will not get the cover if you don’t remember renewing the policy.
  • The cost of your insurance policy can increase every year.
  • Even if your policy is only effective for a few days, you risk losing coverage if you use your two-wheeler for something not covered by your insurance.
  • The short-term bike insurance is well rewarding if you have an old bike. 

Therefore, if you are planning to get four insurance for your two-wheeler soon, you can refer to the details discussed above. 

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