Leading 8 Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor

As more and more huge monitors are made accessible for professional media editing, productivity software, and computer gaming, the desktop experience is developing. Want to leave a lasting impression? View our evaluation of the top ultra-wide gaming monitor.

In recent years, ultra-wide computer screens have become increasingly common. They give demanding office workers, content creators, and gamers stunning pictures and more room. Ultra wide panels can have a diagonal measurement of up to 49 inches. The additional horizontal screen space may benefit gamers, professionals, and productivity. Gaming monitor Black Friday purchases are simple on gaming displays.

a really large monitor? Perhaps, but you’ll want to grasp them before diving in since these enormous, bold panels also represent an investment in terms of money and workspace. For a breakdown of our top, tried-and-true ultra-wide gaming monitor models for different user groups and a guide to choose the ideal large panel, continue reading.


The Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ is the greatest ultra-wide gaming monitor display if you can afford it. It has the capabilities, strength, and prowess to dominate the industry for a very long period.


  • Outstanding efficiency at 200 frames per second.
  • Amazing HDR with perfect color reproduction minimal input latency.
  • The headphones come equipped with a built-in digital-to-audio converter Operating System Response Time.


  • Expensive compared to available options.
  • There aren’t many DCI-P3 reports.


The 34-inch ultra-wide Optic MPG341CQR from MSI is a lightning-fast curved panel that tops the list of the best ultra-wide gaming monitors in almost every gaming test.


  • Innovative design and a wide range of game choices.
  • We managed to get acceptable color reproduction.
  • little lag time when entering data.
  • less expensive than others in its category.


  • The HDR and the picture quality are both barely OK.
  • The contrast ratio was lower than what our testing had shown.
  • Although the built-in camera is useful, you can only use it for facial recognition.


The BenQ EX3501R, a 35-inch best ultra-wide gaming monitor entertainment display, displays HDR video properly and performs well in both color and grayscale.


  • Video in HDR is supported.
  • 100 Hz refresh rate.
  • Excellent rendering in both color and black & white.
  • Free Sync is possible.
  • Reliable in every game play test we’ve done.
  • Several ports are accessible.


  • Ports that are hard to find and access.
  • There isn’t a swivel feature.
  • lacks speakers that are built in.


The LG 49WL95C-W, a 49-inch business monitor that is the greatest ultra-wide gaming monitor, allows you to manage and view several full-size windows simultaneously. It is a multitasker’s dream.


  • large 49-inch screen.
  • The USB-C port may be used to charge laptops and other electronic devices.
  • Precise colors.
  • Allowing for HDR media.
  • Powerful orators.


  • Only one year’s worth of coverage is inadequate.
  • Has a high price.


For those seeking a huge, ultra-wide curved screen with a clear, crisp image and practical extras like a camera that works with Windows Hello and an integrated KVM switch, the Philips Brilliance 499P9H is a terrific choice.


  • 5K horizontal resolution on a huge ultra-wide display.
  • Clearly rendered.
  • High color precision.
  • Support for High Dynamic Range is included.
  • Power being sent over USB-C.
  • Switch for KVM integration.


  • Has a high price.
  • The joystick is replaced with buttons on the operating system.


Dell’s Ultra Sharp 49 Curved Monitor (U4919DW), which costs a big coin, is the greatest ultra-wide gaming monitor. It is a large, ultra-wide business display that is ideal for working with sizable spreadsheets or having many windows active at once.


  • A huge, high-definition monitor.
  • There are several locations to plug stuff in.
  • The USB-C port may be used to charge laptops and other electronic devices.
  • Assistance with KVM switches.


  • Pricey.
  • The horizontal development cannot be contained by any workstations save the biggest ones.
  • High dynamic range and adaptive sync are not present.

Gamer-friendly monitor: Samsung Odyssey G9.

For fans of racing and flight simulation, Samsung’s Odyssey G9 is a curved 49-inch gaming monitor that gets incredibly bright while providing fluid action and brilliant color.


  • large, luxurious, full-screen display.
  • Really bright Outstanding Color Expression.


  • A less expensive replacement for the existing input lag

The View Sonic VP3481

The View Sonic VP3481 is a professional monitor that will appeal to both game designers and graphic artists with its ultra-wide 34-inch display and dependable color accuracy.


  • Huge, curving display.
  • Make the bezels sparkle.
  • Attractive and tone-accurate colors.
  • Ready for a variety of predetermined color spaces.
  • The frame rate can reach 100 fps using AMD Free Sync.
  • The tilt, swivel, and height may all be adjusted.


  • Buttons on the OSD for setting preferences.
  • The brightness and contrast ratio did not live up to our testing standards.

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