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Lauren Swickard

Lauren Swickard is an American actress. She is best known for her roles in the movies City Lights and A California Christmas. In addition, she has starred in several other films. Her net worth is unknown, but it is believed to be a large sum. The actress has three children.

Lorynn York

Lorynn York, whose real name is Lauren Swickard, is an American actress. She is best known for her roles in A California Christmas and City Lights. In addition to her work on stage, she is also active on television. Her work has been widely praised for being funny and sincere.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Lorynn York began her acting career at a young age. Her early roles were in films and television series. Later on, she landed a major role in the film Shelter. She also appeared in several short films in 2014, including Struggling and Sweet The Show. During the next few years, she will continue to work on acting projects and movies.

While still in high school, York got her start in acting with a small role in the short film Lily’s Course. This role helped her gain recognition and led to a number of other movie offers. In 2013, she started appearing in TV series and movies, including The Boyfriend and The Neighbours. Since then, she has been busy acting in a variety of roles.

Lorynn Swickard

Lauren Swickard, also known as Lorynn York, is an American actress. She is best known for her roles in the movies A California Christmas and City Lights. Swickard has a recognizable voice and is known for her role as Callie in the A California Christmas movie.

Swickard, who was born in Cincinnati, studied at the School of American Ballet in NYC and Chautauqua Institute. Her professional acting career started in high school and included a role in a TV movie directed by JJ Abrams, “Shelter”. She is currently signed with Powerline Entertainment and has appeared in a variety of projects. She has also recently starred in the comedy series The Big Bang Theory.

Lorynn Swickard is an American actress who is best known for her roles in films and tv shows. In addition to acting, she is an accomplished dancer. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. She married Josh Swickard in 2019 and is currently pregnant with her first child.

Josh Swickard

Josh Swickard, formerly known as Harrison Chase, is an American actor. He starred on the hit television show General Hospital, where he played the role of Harrison Chase. After leaving the show, he acted in several other movies and television shows. He has also appeared in commercials and video games.

The couple met on set for the movie “Roped” in 2017. Lauren played the role of Tracy Peterson. The couple bonded on set and soon started dating. In December 2018, they made their official engagement announcement via an Instagram post. Lauren and Josh are now engaged. Josh proposed to Lauren in December of 2018, during their vacation to Beaver Creek Mountain camp.

In addition to the success of their first film, the couple have a baby on the way! In addition to Josh and Lauren’s first child, Savannah, the couple recently welcomed their second child together. The film is streaming on Netflix on December 16.

Lauren Swickard’s net worth

Lauren Swickard has earned quite a bit of money. She started her career in a very young age and has appeared in many movies and TV shows. She is a married woman who has two children. Lauren is 29 years old and stands at 5 feet and 5 inches. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her parents are Michael and Linda York.

Lauren Swickard is a Christian. She was born on the 25th of May 1993. She was raised in a Christian family. As a child, she was drawn to dance and acting. She dreamed of being an actress and has achieved this goal.

Her relationship with Josh Swickard

Lauren Swickard is married to actor Josh Swickard. However, the couple does not have any children yet. There are rumors that the couple is expecting a child, but they have yet to confirm these reports. The couple met in 2010 while she was still in high school, and they later got married in 2013. The couple has been inseparable ever since. Josh Swickard is an accomplished actor, having made his debut in K.C. Undercover, as well as in Liv and Maddie, in which he played the role of Todd Stetson.

Josh Swickard is an American actor. He is best known as the character Harrison Chase on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He was born in Quincy, Illinois and has three sisters, and he also modeled for six years before joining the acting scene.


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