Kuari pass Trek detailed Guide


It is the Kuari Pass trek, one of the most thrilling treks in the Himalayan mountains of India, draws thousands of tourists from all over the globe. This trek is known as the Lord Curzon Trek was named in honor of Lord Curzon who was India’s Viceroy at the time who is believed to have explored the magnificent trekking trail. Kuari Pass Trek within the Garhwal Himalaya range, near Auli the most sought-after place to ski.


The four-to-six-day moderately easy trek starts in Tapovan the charming village close to Joshimath which is the pilgrim and trekking centre.

Kuari Pass Trekking Location Kuari Pass Trek

The trail, beautifully situated in the middle of the extensive Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, is among the most thrilling trekking spots in India and is a magnet for trekkers from all over the world. Kuari Pass is known for its breathtaking wild beauty and is situated in the middle of Garhwal Himalaya’s finest regions. Below the valley lies the entrance to the once inaccessible Rishi Gorge.


The history of the Kuari Pass Trek

The incredible trek became well-known following the fact that Bill Tilman, Eric Shipton along with Lord Curzon used it in their first explorations into the region in 1905. This is the reason why the trek is often referred to by the name of Lord Curzon trail; the route is believed to have been developed specifically for his trek and is now popular with American and European travellers.


The highlights of Kuari Pass Trek

  • The views of magnificent mountain peaks like Dronagiri, Chaukhamba, Chitrakantha and Tali the top are breathtaking.
  • The trail passes through thick conifer oak, rhododendron and birch forest. The result is that completing this Kuari Pass trek allows you to see exotic wildlife like Himalayan Black Bears pugmarks of leopards, as well as various birds.
  • The trek also offers stunning panoramic views over the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers.
  • For those who love trekking, there are tranquil panoramas of Nanda Devi, the world’s second-highest mountain .


How can I get in touch?

Haridwar is the nearest location to reach this amazing trek. Learn more about how to access the Kuari Pass Trek.

By Air

The closest airport that is close to Haridwar is the Dehradun Jolly Grant Airport, which offers regular flights to major cities in the country which include Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. Once you’ve arrived to the airport get taxis or cabs to Haridwar.



Haridwar has an railway station that connects to the other important Indian cities which include the biggest among them is Delhi. When tickets to Haridwar are not readily available it is possible to travel through Rishikesh railway station.


By Bus

It’s not difficult to get a bus ticket between Haridwar to Delhi since regular buses operate between both cities. It is connected with well-maintained highways connecting other cities, such as Chandigarh, Nainital, and Dehradun.


What is the ideal time to make plans for an excursion towards Kuari Pass? Kuari Pass?

The truth is, Kuari Pass is a tourist destination all year round that should be visited during the winter and summer months However visiting Kuari Pass during the monsoon season is not recommended.


Conditions of summer’s weather

The summer time that begins in April through June is perfect time to organize the Kuari Pass Trek. The warm conditions makes the trip more enjoyable and hassle-free. The days are hot however, by the evening temperatures drop and it becomes difficult to stay warm even in warm clothes. Therefore, trekkers are strongly advised to pack light woolens to withstand the cold temperatures.


The Weather in the Monsoon

In the monsoon time during the monsoon season, it is recommended that the Kuari Pass trek is best avoided as the trail becomes slippery and dangerous for trekkers.


Weather Patterns during Winter

The moderately-accurate hike great for those who enjoy having to endure the frigid winter temperatures. But, it can be difficult for the novice to ascend the steep regions during this time of year. To enjoy this thrilling adventure trip trekkers are required to bring the heavy woolens and shoes.


Make use of these tricks and tips

Take a look at these suggestions to keep fit, healthy and secure on your holiday.

  • Be aware that the loss of control over your body can result in a catastrophic situation.
  • Since there aren’t many medical stores at this altitude travelers should carry their medicines in their bags.
  • Take a good pair of hiking shoes which fit comfortably and are grippy as walking with a bad grip in the mountains can cause you to lose your enjoyment.
  • Take the basic items including an ID with a valid photo and cash and a fully charged camera as well as a battery charger and other essentials.
  • Keep the area clean Himalayan area by not leaving trash lying all over.
  • Wear the right clothing for your trek, including thick fleece, windproof jackets socks and thermal underwear, sweaters woollen gloves, as well as any other clothes you may require.
  • We suggest that you only plan your trek in the event that you are physically and mentally fit.

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