Kid’s escape room are excellent! They are not very hard to solve. And not much more gruesome or evil at all. They are just some perfect and cleverly designed escape rooms especially catered for kids’ interests! But they are tough to find, as several places mainly cater to adults’ preferences only. That’s where we come in!  


We’re here to let you all know about the process. And obviously to challenge you to make your escape room at your home, or even your backyard garden for fun with some friends and colleagues collected. We encourage you to do this since it’s a fun activity for your kids and their friends to do for bonding and recreational times. It’s also a very significant way to socialize with your co-parents of your child’s friends, as all of you can do it as a collective activity!  


Kindergarten and junior schools can also encourage this as an activity to enjoy doing at their campus! Teachers organizing a “Kid’s Escape Room challenge: create your own” seriously is the most fantastic thing to do! Children should participate in building and solving the puzzles as it will help develop their brains a lot and can be very enthralling to experience! You should start organizing it as we’ve got tips and tricks to help support you and show you how it’s done and how you can make it without professionals’ help and in your own home, back lawn, or even school playground if it’s an institution’s activity! 


So here are the six tips you can apply to make a DIY escape room seattle for your kids as a fun activity! 


THEME of Escape room

 At the very first, while making a mystery DIY escape room for yourself/your kids unprofessionally, you need to make a mental note to yourself regarding the theme/storyline that you will be choosing. This describes the factors in all the other things, selecting different items in the escape rooms, and even creating the puzzle pieces themselves! So, choose one, research that topic, and make a list of what you like and want to create your escape room. Whether a broken ship or an empty classroom, you need to be aware of its surroundings and the pieces.



 Now, you need to make space for an escape room for you to create one. So, take out a little bit of space for you to make one. Whether it be your room at home that you have to clear to make space, your back lawn to clear out. Or even a tiny place in your school rooms or a tent at the school playground. You need to be very careful to be able to beat that out of it here, then.  



The next important step is to determine what supplies you need to make that escape room of your dreams with your kids! You also need to check out the possibility of realizing that it requires much more than you think: all the art pieces, décor, and even color wallpapers and spooky elements. You need to keep a vision in your mind. 



 Now, the essential part is to create the puzzles. Here you can do 3D printing too. With this, you can figure out how and what works for you or not. You can find out how to do puzzles by reading books about escape room puzzles on how to make them. You will need various tools and tricks to have them. Might also need some little notes or signs to create a hint or clue to a puzzle. 



 You also need to understand how it works, and every clue and hint relates to the other lock or puzzle or hint or answer/solution. So, you need to make it interconnected to everything as well. Taking care of the seamlessly perfect design and connection of the storyline and the puzzles is essential. That’s what makes it an escape room. So, make it a good one at that. 



 Lastly, do not be afraid to ask for help from the organizers. Whether it’s the teachers at the school with kids or even you trying it out with other parents, you can always help and support each other with tools.


Lastly, make it a challenge and make it an unforgettable one! Play and have fun with your kids, and do let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 


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