Kevin Durant’s Feet, The NBA Star’s Legs Look Like Hockey Sticks


Kevin Durant’s feet might be one of the most dominant aspects of his game, but few people know that his legs look a lot like hockey sticks. Check out this picture of Durant after a long day of USA Basketball practice and you’ll see for yourself just how similar his legs look to hockey sticks!

Kevin Durant’s Feet

Kevin Durant has some of the most impressive feet in the NBA. They’re long, slender, and almost seem too thin for a man of his size. But it’s these feet that have allowed Durant to be one of the best basketball players in the league.

Durant’s feet are so unique because they’re shaped like hockey sticks. This is something that he inherited from his father, who was a hockey player himself. As a result, Durant’s feet are extremely fast and able to move quickly across the court.

Despite their amazing speed, Durant’s feet aren’t all about running around the court. His legs also have a lot of strength and power behind them. This is thanks to his training regimen, which includes lots of squats and bench press workouts.

Overall, Kevin Durant’s feet are an incredible asset to his game. They make him one of the fastest players in the NBA, as well as one of the strongest athletes.

Kevin Durant’s Legs Look Like Hockey Sticks

Kevin Durant’s legs look like hockey sticks. The NBA star’s feet are long and skinny, with a relatively small size compared to other players in the league. This unusual foot shape is one of the many reasons why KD is such an elite player on the court. His legs give him an advantage when he is running up and down the court, as well as when shooting the ball.

Durant’s skinny legs are also an important part of his game off the court. His legs provide him with a strong foundation for his fitness routine, which helps him stay in shape throughout the year. His muscles are also very well-developed, allowing him to move quickly and powerfully on the basketball court.

Why do Kevin Durant’s Feet Make His Legs Look Like Hockey Sticks?

Kevin Durant’s feet are one of the most unique features about him. They are so long and slender that they look like hockey sticks. This is because he spends a lot of time playing ice hockey. His long, slender feet help him to control his movement on the ice and keep him in front of the opposition.

Durant’s legs also look unusual because they are so thin compared to other NBA players. He has said that this is because he spends so much time in the gym working on his strength and conditioning. This dedication has paid off, as he has been able to maintain his slim physique despite putting on muscle during previous seasons.

Some people have called Durant’s legs “hockey sticks” due to their unusual shape and length. Others have said that this is simply a result of his rigorous training regimen, which has helped him stay at the top of his game for more than a decade now.

What Causes the Wings on Your Feet to Become Flattened Out?

When you look at Kevin Durant’s feet, they almost appear to be hockey sticks. This is because the wings on his feet have become flattened out from years of playing basketball. Over time, these wings can start to shrink and flatten out, making the toes look more like fingers. This condition is usually caused by repetitive stress on the feet and legs, which is Why Kevin Durant’s feet look so peculiar.

How Can I Make My Wings on My Feet More Pronounced?

There are a few things you can do to make your wings on your feet more pronounced. One is to use natural supports such as arch supports or orthotics. You can also try using a shoe customizer to get the perfect fit for your feet. Finally, you can work on strengthening your feet and ankles in order to give them more stability and power when running or jumping.


Kevin Durant’s feet look like hockey sticks. He has long, thin legs and his feet are the same length as his legs. His ankles are also very small for someone of his size, which is a trait you would see in a hockey player.


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