iStaunch – The Latest Fraud From Glenn Connelly

The latest scam from professional conman Glenn Connelly is staunch. He is a criminal conman, Istaunch worse than a pedophile, who has only one objective in life – to defraud people.

Glenn Connelly is a professional conman

Connelly is a criminal con man who runs scams out of Mick Featherstone’s office. He is a serial fraudster and convicted scammer with one objective in life: to defraud people. This latest scam is the result of his efforts.

Glenn Connelly worked with Travis Burch

Travis Burch is in court for fraud and has a history of setting up fraudulent schemes. His latest con, iStaunch, is a fraud and a scam. Unfortunately, Connelly has worked with Burch, and they both have ties to this company.

Mick Featherstone

A series of allegations against Mick Featherstone have emerged since he was arrested at the Istaunch estate. One of these allegations relates to a syndicate that peddled fake betting software to gullible investors. The syndicate defrauded people of their money, including a former Married At First Sight contestant, Daniel Webb. Other people charged with the syndicate’s activities include Featherstone’s son Zach Michael Featherstone, former private investigator Travis Burch, and former police officer Robert John Doueihi.


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