Investing in quality hotel quilted bed pads

When you decide to make your guests comfortable during their stay in your hotel then you need to choose only the best products, bedding and towels. 

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Choosing the right hotel quilted bed pads

Everyone wants their sleep to be comfortable and the top hotel quilted bed pads ensures that the guests enjoy the best time with your brand. 

Choosing the best products helps to keep them stress-free and enjoy every moment with your services. Investing in the best pads helps to protect your mattresses and make their sleep restful. However poor quality products can impact their sleep quality. 

There are two types of hotel quilted bed pads – 

  • Mattress pads
  • Mattress toppers

There is huge difference between pads and their thickness. The former are quite thin while the best toppers are thicker. However all these serve the same purpose i.e. protecting the mattress. 

Mattress pads and toppers can be crafted using materials like – 

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Latex
  • Feather
  • Memory foam, etc.

Wool pads for mattresses are often in demand. These are soft and can make it comfortable for your guests to enjoy their stay. 

Their softness and ability to wick moisture can be another major aspect to be considered. The best products can be natural insulation. 

Cotton mattress pads are the popular choice for their durability and washablity. Mattresses won’t be safe against spills and stains. These require backing from other materials which won’t save it from spills and stains.

However mattress pads are not suitable for the good mattress 

There is no doubt that good mattresses can enhance the sleep of your clients. It also improves your existing mattresses yet cannot replace the existing mattresses.

Good mattresses pads adds to the worth of the mattress and improve the worth of a good mattress.

Mattress pads vs toppers

Mattress pads have a thin layer of padding for added inches, plushness and cushioning. The best ones can be easily washed in industrial laundry machines. These make the mattresses soft but do not impact the firmness of the same. 

However mattress toppers are a thick layer of padding that is used to add an additional layer of support. Unlike the former that adds merely 2 inches, these products can add around 5 inches and makes it easy to sleep.

These products are suitable for sleepers who need additional pressure relief. These are also perfect for those with chronic pain. 

Latex and foam versions are perfect for this purpose. The same also has pain relief effect that makes it ideal for all. Despite this, such toppers are not machine washable. However these require spot cleaning.

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Which one is worth your business investment?

While mattress is the base of your hotel bedding. Adding additional layers of bedding and support can aid in comfort. It is also important to prevent sagging or stiffness. 

Both products can be ideal for all mattresses. These are perfect for elderly customers or sagging mattress.

Choosing the best one depends on your hotels requirements. However our experts recommend choosing pads for their added comfort without adding inches.

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