Impounded van insurance- What is Impound Insurance?

If your van has been impounded, you will need impounded van insurance to release it. At Release my vehicle, we are offering 30-day impound insurance policies so that you can get the legal minimum cover that you need to release an impounded van.

What will you get?

  • Impounded van insurance cover in a few minutes
  • You can instantly download your insurance certificate
  • Will also consider a pending no-insurance certificate
  • Quick cover to release an impounded van
  • 30-day policy 

How can you get insurance for an impounded van?

We offer you a solution to releasing an impounded van from the police pound providing a quick 30-day third-party insurance cover for drivers aged between 21-75 with a full UK driving license for 1 year or more. Check out the following features and advantages to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

  • Quotes in a few minutes
  • The insurance certificate mailed to you quickly
  • Cover for drivers with a pending conviction

Why do the police impound uninsured vans?

Under the Road Traffic Act, the police have the right to impound any vehicle that is being driven without valid driving or without insurance. If the driver has committed an offense or the police fail to establish insurance cover being in place at the roadside, the van will be impounded and taken to the police pound.

The driver will be charged a release fee plus daily storage charges. There is a time limit of 14 days as explained in the impound notice, after the given deadline, the vehicle will be disposed of or sold at an auction. 

With Release my vehicle impound vehicle insurance, we will deliver the certificate of insurance by email as soon as your payment has been receive.

1-day van insurance for impounded vans

You just can’t use 1-day van insurance to release an impounded van. To release an impounded van, the vehicle registered owner will require a special impounded van insurance policy that is valid for a minimum of 30 days. At Release my vehicle, we can provide cover for the registered owner for 30-day short-term insurance by visiting our site.

We have got years of experience in providing impounded van insurance at the click of a button, you will be able to purchase 30-day insurance cover online for the release of an impounded van. You should be able to meet the acceptance criteria before purchasing our third-party vehicle insurance.

What is impound insurance?

Impound insurance is a temporary vehicle insurance policy for a vehicle that has been impounded by the police. It is a short-term insurance policy that lasts for a minimum of 30 days which will allow you to release your vehicle if your standard car insurance policy does not cover it.

Why do you need impound insurance?

Before you can release an impounded vehicle, you need to prove that it has a valid insurance policy in place. Impound vehicles are sees as high-risk by insurance providers as they might have been involve in a crime or accident.

Finding an insurance provider that will cover an impounded vehicle can be tough and costly. However, impound insurance provides the short-term insurance cover you need to release your vehicle. If your vehicle already has an existing policy, contact your insurance provider to check if they cover releasing impounded vehicles.

Get an impounded van insurance quote today 

If your van has been impound, you will be eager to release it as quickly as possible. Daily storage rate means that every day that passes increases the bill you are facing and the only way to stop this rising up is to release it as quickly as it can. 

How can you get temporary impounded van insurance?

The police pound will need that you have a valid proof of insurance to retrieve your van and this meets the legal length of insurance for retrieving a van which is 30 days and provide third-party cover.

Along with your insurance documentation, you will also need:

  • Driving license
  • Proof that you are the legal owner of the van
  • A valid MOT certificate
  • A pre-hired MOT appointment

If the van is not register in the name of the person collecting it. The registered owner will have to provide an authorization letter. And the registered owner driving license to the person retrieving it. The authority letter should also be sign by the person collecting it so they can be identify. We recommend that if your van is not being collect in person call the pound and check on the arrangements that need to be place as they vary from one area to another.

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