How to work with guest blogging

Today, guest blogging is a great opportunity to promote your own resource with absolutely no investment. However, not every guest post allows you to publish the latest blogs. That’s why it’s worth knowing how to write and choose a guest blogging resource to get growth and traffic from it.
What is guest blogging?
Guest blogging is the writing of articles or posts for third-party websites and blogs. As a rule, such articles mention a link to their own resource. For the most part, this is the main point of guest blogging.
Thanks to guest posts, you can promote your own brand, promote yourself and generate good traffic. This is a great option for developing blogs and websites. And given that there are very few free ways to promote today guest blogging is a real chance to get a link to your resource on an advanced site.

How to choose a site for guest blogging

Finding a site for guest blogging should be taken seriously. Think for yourself: you spent a lot of time and effort writing an article, published it in the first blog you came across, and in the end, you didn’t get anything, not a single visitor. That is why not only the content must be of high quality, but also the resource for its placement. So here are a few tips for choosing a guest blogging site.
1. Search engine
The Simplest, Elementary Option. All you need to do is type keywords into the search bar. In order to narrow down the list of possible resources, you can add keywords related to the topic you are writing your content on. Basically, when a page for guest blogging is formed, the subject is indicated there.
2. Contacting resource authors directly

In the case of the other two methods listed above for finding a site, you will also need to establish contact with the author, but this is different. Here you find your favorite blogs, sites, and other resources and try to negotiate with their “owners” about guest blogging, even if there is no mention of such an offer.
The optimal number of guest posts
If you find a really worthwhile resource, with good activity and decent traffic, then you can write as much as possible. Don’t forget about your own space. For guest blogging to really work and bring results, your website or blog must also be regularly updated with content.
What to look for when choosing a site for guest blogging?
1. Attendance
Pay attention to attendance. If it is zero or extremely low on the resource then such a platform will not bring you anything. Remember that guest blogging is actually self-promotion. Why waste your time and energy on advertising that will not give the desired results
2. Filters
Make decided there are no filters on the site. It is they who can prevent your article from appearing in the search and taking its rightful place there. But it directly depends on whether visitors come to your resource.
3. Popularity of the author
It is highly desirable that the author of the blog in which you plan to appear is at least a little known and popular, then you can get promoted faster and more efficiently.

Guest posting requirements

Writing articles for guest blogging is perhaps even more difficult than writing for your own. After all, here your task is to interest someone else’s audience, perhaps even one that is used to a completely different topic. That is why it is worth paying special attention to grammar, and the relevance of the chosen topic, and to style, and to graphic additions. Everything plays a special role here, so here is the main requirements point by point.
1. Design
Always remember the structure, and do not forget about paragraphs and sequential presentation. Do not jump from thought to thought, and if possible, supplement the material with graphic elements. Photos and videos will be great to attract attention and dilute the canvas of text.
2. Link space
Consult with the author of the blog or site where you post the post, and where to place a link to your resource. It is recommended to do this at the beginning or at the end of the article. But in general, it doesn’t really matter. It is only desirable that the link has a different location on different sites.
3. SEO-optimization of the article
Try to work with keywords. If you correctly select and arrange them, you will be able to attract an audience not only from the resource that agreed to publish you but also from the search.
As you can see, guest blogging is not that difficult. Just create content in the same way as for yourself, but more scrupulously and carefully considering all the details. At first, this may seem like a long and tedious process. But as soon as you notice an influx of traffic, working with guest blogging will become more pleasant and entertaining.


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