How to Build User Trust Through UIUX Design?

Suppose you find an advertisement where an e-commerce company offers your favorite smartwatch for half the price.

Would you trust the website?

Probably not!

You’ve never heard about the business before and are unsure about the originality of the product they’re offering. Hence, you would think twice before providing such websites with your personal and payment details.

Unfortunately, many businesses offering reliable products or services fail to build user trust due to their website’s poor UIUX design.

So, we’ll discuss ways to make your website look trustworthy through UIUX design:

UIUX Tips for Building User Trust

1.     Be Consistent with Your UIUX Design Elements

An amateur UIUX designer will never be consistent with their elements. Their website will look like a clutter of different design elements with no connection or consistency whatsoever. So, while creating your website’s UIUX design, always keep the following things in consideration:

  • Use a consistent tone and font across your website’s content.
  • Make sure the copy is easily understandable, clear, and direct.
  • Ensure congruency between your brand’s landing pages/CTA content and website.
  • Make sure the third-party elements are compatible with your brand.
  • Keep your brand logo and identity the same across all platforms and apps.

2.     Ensure Absolute Transparency

Brand loyalty improves significantly when a company offers complete transparency and doesn’t try to fool its customers. You might be able to generate remarkable sales through shady business practices for a short period. However, your brand loyalty and value will decrease significantly in the long run. Once people stop trusting your business, there’s no way back.

Customers will trust a business only when they know everything about it. So, your website’s UIUX design should include an “About” section, where you can talk about the origin of your company and the people behind it. You should also be 100% honest about your product or service specifications. We also recommend adding an FAQ section to answer common user queries.

3.     Offer 24/7 Assistance

People don’t like dealing with businesses that don’t care about their users. Companies that offer before and after sales assistance to their customers grow organically. They manage to build an excellent market reputation. So, if you want your website to generate traffic and sales consistently, make sure you assist your customers whenever they have any queries. Have a chatbot in your website’s UIUX, and for answering complex questions promptly, you should have a customer support agent available 24/7. When customers face a delay in response, their trust starts fading away.

4.     Improve Customer Engagement and Interaction

Successful companies prioritize customer engagement, no matter how popular or profitable they might be. When you engage personally with your customers, they start trusting your business more. There have been many thriving companies in the past that came crashing down just because they lost the trust of their customers. So, whenever a user visits your website, it should straightaway ask for their email address, which you can use for cold-emailing.

5.     Use SEO to Increase Traffic

There might be dozens of websites offering the same services or products as you online. Hence, standing out online can be extremely difficult without effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. SEO helps your webpages appear higher on search results. Most users never go beyond the second page of search results. So, no matter how good your website’s UIUX might be, it won’t generate enough traffic and sales if the content is not SEO-optimized.

6.     Learn About Your Users

You can ask your website’s visitors to fill out a survey in exchange for a freebie or discount. This will help you make UIUX design and marketing decisions based on your customers’ preferences. Also, when users see a business caring about their needs, they develop trust. Ultimately, their interest turns into sales and makes customers loyal to the brand.

7.     Make Sure Your Website’s Content Doesn’t Sound Robotic

Robots might take over many jobs, but they shouldn’t take over your website’s content. Many business owners avoid hiring copywriters to save wages and opt for AI-based copywriting software instead. While it produces content for your website, it doesn’t sound “human”. Try including content in your website’s UIUX that your customers can relate to. Your copies should sound personable and friendly. Recognize your customers’ hardships and struggles, and then guide them to a solution, AKA your service or product.

8.     Check Out Your Competitors’ Websites

It’s always nice to take inspiration from your competitors’ UIUX design tactics. You can’t do everything right, and there might be something you can learn from your competitors to improve your website’s UIUX. So, you should keep studying sites that offer similar services and products, and you might find something useful.


New businesses often find it challenging to create an attractive and effective UIUX design for their websites and apps. Hence, hiring a globally recognized UI UX Designer services can save you a lot of hassle and help you create high-conversion UIUX designs and copies.

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