How To Stay Warm and Stylish in Winters

Are you struggling to manage winter-friendly apparel without comprising your fashion statement? Rest assured, you are at the right destination to find a way out. It is hard to choose outfits that will not only look pretty but also do an excellent job of keeping you warm. With some addition of cool and neutral shades and heaps of wool and fleece, you will be able to bask in the winters comfortably. We have come up with some classic pairs and viable techniques that will not make you choose between warmth and style. Here are some of the tips and tricks to stay warm and stylish in winter 

It’s Time to Boot Through Winters

Boots are a lifesaver in winter with their variations in sizes. Don’t forget the feet when focusing on coats and blazers. Tight and tall fitted boots are a great way to have a defined shape overall in this fluffy clothing. Moreover, treaded boots are recommended for areas with thick and heavy snow. You can pair a neutral dress with bright boots like sharp red or metallic black. It will definitely make a fashion statement and lift the look. 

Mittens and Scarves 

Winters are cool, but cold hands are not. You will certainly not like to leave your house empty-handed, only if you want your hands to become popsicles. In that case, make mittens your best friend these winters. You can get two shades of beautiful pastels, dark and mature. Scarves are an absolute treat and are primarily associated with winter. These are considered an additional layer to provide that extra warmth. But they are mainly used to add personality to your outfit. The variation in colors and textures holds the power to change a look from ordinary to classy in seconds.

Beanies, Hats, and Earmuffs

You can’t complete a winter look without a beanie. Beanies have this perfect balance of cozy, cute, and warm. It serves all purposes and is super comfy to wear. It is considered more of an accessory like a hat. Knitted hats are exquisite and are competent enough to protect your brain from freezing. Let’s not forget how the whooshing winds can make your ears lose their function and make your teeth chatter; hence, earmuffs are essential to complete your fit.

Say Hello to Velvet and Fur

To embrace the wild side of your persona, you need to make friends with fur. Winter is the only season of the year you can confidently wear these high-maintenance fur coats. Velvet overalls make chic evening apparel for your evening events. Fur and velvet are good warmth sources in freezing winter. 

Take Out Your Chic Winter Coats

Winters come with trendy jackets and oversized coats that look good on everything. A single fleece oversized winter coat is a good heat insulator if that’s all you need from a coat. But, if you like to live a little differently and leaving a mark is your thing, then have fun pairing puffer jackets with wool coats with your athleisure. 

Layer It Up

It all comes down to wisely layer everything up. The foundation should be solid, like tight-fitted jeggings with a fleece hoodie or a wool turtleneck. It is the first layer that you can’t remove, so choose comfortable and soft clothing. Top it off with a long overcoat or any other winter jacket of your preference. If there’s a need for another layer, add your accessories. Wrap up a fluffy scarf, wear a plush beanie and call it a day. This method is the most efficient in balancing cold and classy altogether. 


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It is not easy to wear clothes that protect you from heat without making you look like a walking sleep bag. While it is certainly not easy, it is also not an impossible task. With strategic foundation planning and playing with cool and neutral shades, you can surely slay that winter look. 

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