How to keep your hair colour from fading: 11 tricks

You adore your new hair shade, but how do you intend to maintain it? Here are experienced advice and techniques.

You decide that it’s time for a colour change and spend a small sum having highlights, lowlights, and possibly even a glaze put in. Whether you want a simple, sun-kissed look or a dramatic change, the question now is: How are you going to keep that complexion going until next time?

Today Styles turned to expert colorists to get their best advice on how to preserve your hair color.

How to make hair color last longer

1 Choose natural hair colors instead of chemical based

Hair stylist at KEO Henna said that “Choosing a natural color is a brilliant idea for your regular hair colouring. Because natural colors don’t have any kinds of chemicals like Ammonia and PPD which can damage your hair”. They also suggest that initially, natural hair colors give their true color only after applying 2 to 3 applications a month. After that, it gives you a long-lasting vibrant color to your hair.

2 Avoid too much hot water.

This hot shower may look great after a long day, but is it worth ruining your hair color? We didn’t think so. Women must use water at a cooler temperature to wash dyed hair because it will help prolong the brilliance of the color.

3 Replace some of your favourite products with something new.

Many over-the-counter products contain salts, sulphates, and detergents. That’s why they are so cheap. These Ingredient Strip Hair Color Out. Instead, look for products free of alcohol and sulphates. They work just as well and will help your hair hold on to its color. travel agency in Lahore

4 Allow yourself some time for “shampoo days”.

Many women shampoo every day, which will remove oil and color from the hair. Go on every other day and use a dry shampoo in between washes if oil builds up in your scalp. Even better, invest in a best shampoo and conditioner treatment specifically designed for dyed hair

5 Say no to clarifying shampoos.

Ever wonder why your friend’s hair (or maybe even your own) suddenly turned orange? If it’s colour protection shampoo may be to blame because they tend to strip hair. Also, dandruff shampoos can do the same thing if they aren’t specifically designed for color-treated hair.

6 Use hair wash in the proper aspects.

Be sure to focus your shampoo on cleansing your root and not the ends of the hair in the middle as this will strip your color over time.

7 What you should look for in a conditioner is its colour.

Shampoo and conditioner both play crucial roles in the washing of hair. And many of the same rules apply to color-treated hair. Likewise, it’s not only what you implement but how you implement it. When using colour conditioner, be sure to even out the hair well and apply the conditioner evenly in small sections to saturate the hair thoroughly.

8 Spend money on a conditioning therapy.

Everyone is a fan of using a conditioning treatment once or twice a week, as it adds moisture back to the hair. According to hair stylist, “Hair becoming dry is one of the main causes of faded color.” A home conditioning treatment can help you keep your hair healthy without having to head to the salon.

9 Hair loses its lustre when exposed to high temperatures.

Yes, it’s absolutely true that you’re damaging your hair every time you turn on your blow dryer or use that curling iron. We’re sorry to have bad news to share. But, again, that’s often a price to pay for a great style. If hot tools are a must, use a mild oil or heat protectant before styling.

Adding your preferred hair oil to the mid-length and ends of your hair and combing it through provides a protective barrier and hydrates the hair for colour retention.

10 Similarly to the skin, excessive sun exposure can damage the hair.

Keep away from the sun without a hat; it will make your complexion fade. If you will be doing any outdoor activities like hiking or going to the beach, be sure to take cover.

11 Take a moment to consider swimming in the pool.

Dunking your hair in a pool of chlorine is absolutely not the best idea. Don’t swim in a pool with chlorine as it will fade your complexion, but if you do swim, using a leave-in conditioner can reduce fading. Mix conditioner and water together in a spray bottle and spray the mixture before and after plunging into the pool or sea water.

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