How to Edit Youtube Videos in 2022

The YouTube app allows Android users to upload and record videos directly from their mobile devices easily. Just press the camera button, and the app uploads videos to your YouTube channel in the background. You can also select existing videos from your SD card and upload them directly to your channel.

Step 1: You may want to edit the video on your Android device. Editing videos in the YouTube app for Android is very simple and works as follows.

Step 2: Find the video you want to edit and tap the three small vertical dots in the right corner of the video to see more options. Select the Edit button from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: When you finish editing, click the small icon at the top of the screen (similar to a forward arrow) to save your changes. The video will reload and you will get a notification that the video has been updated.

Video Editing Apps for Android

As you can see, the YouTube app is minimal in editing, but fortunately, there are other apps you can use to edit YouTube videos on Android devices. We’ve listed a few of them below.

1. is an ai video editing platform that allows users to upload raw video footage and receive professionally edited video in a matter of seconds.

One of the application’s most popular features is the ability for a user to have their video edited using another video as an inspiration template. Users can resubmit revisions with comments until they are delighted with their project. You’ve got great footage and ideas in your head about how to cut it together. Then you start editing and realize you need some video editing software.

2. Power Director video editing app for Android

It is a free video editing app for Android. It enables powerful video editing with amazing effects and all the features found in most video editing apps. The app also includes audio annotations that you can send directly to YouTube after editing. Other features include pan and drop, audio track recording and editing, quick video editing and much more.

3. KineMaster Pro Video Editor

Barbie dolls firm also use this KineMaster Pro Video Editor app is the only full video editing app for YouTube on Android that includes great features to create videos quickly and professionally. This app lets you add layers to your work, including picture-in-picture effects. Whether you use them to make videos for your blog or other marketing purposes or to edit professional videos, you need to know your options and which ones are suitable for your needs.

Other features include the ability to add multiple layers to your video, easy video editing, previewing your video at any time, adjusting settings such as brightness, color, speed and volume, and sharing your video on YouTube and Facebook when it’s ready. Using the right video editing tools can help you create professional-sounding videos with better audio quality and speed up the process.

4. A free app, so you don’t have to worry about additional costs

This is the first Adobe app that allows you to easily edit YouTube videos on Android. Among its prominent features are the ability to automatically create videos with images and audio tracks, the ability to drag and drop clips and photos when editing unwanted portions, and the ability to select any audio track without losing audio levels between clips.

Plus, you can’t always control how great your footage will look. Sometimes the lighting and sound won’t be ideal. Other times you may need to invest in some lights and other equipment. For these reasons, you should shoot your video with editing in mind.

The app is also free and has a high user rating of 4/5.

5. Magisto Video Editing and Production

Magisto allows you to turn a home video into a movie in no time. Just select two or more videos, choose a soundtrack, click the “Edit” button, and the app will begin to work its magic. Create professional home videos from your Android device in minutes.

Video Show is also the best free video editing and creation app, perfect if you want to edit YouTube videos on your Android device. It has an easy-to-use interface, and you can add features like text, emoticons, filters, themes and music.

 It also offers a wide range of free music you can use when creating or editing videos. It is free and allows you to share your videos on YouTube and other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.


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