How to Draw Ballet Shoes Easily

How to Draw Ballet Shoes. Ballet is one of the most elegant and fun forms of dance and physical expression, popular worldwide—the gear and clothing associated with ballet, like tutus and Draw ballet shoes.

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As iconic as ballet itself, learning how to Draw ballet shoes can be a great way to celebrate ballet!

These shoes have a lot of detail, so drawing them is often easier said than done. However, if you have a few steps to follow, it can be made a lot easier. We, therefore, recommend that you read this entire guide.

How to Draw Ballet Shoes

Step 1

While we will be drawing two shoes in this dance shoe drawing guide. In this first step, we will start with one. For this and all subsequent steps in this guide, you can try to copy the lines exactly as they appear in the reference image.

This first shoe will be resting, so we’ll use curved lines to draw the opening in front of us as spectators. This inner area will also have a round, oval form at the top. Then you can use more curved lines for the front of the shoe and wavy lines for the band falling off it. Then we go to step 2!

Step 2

Now let’s add a few more details to the shoe you started in the previous step of this dance shoe design. First, you can use fine lines to draw the looped laces on the front of the shoes.

This arc goes below the hole where the foot you drew in the previous step will enter. You will also use curved lines on the right side of the shoe to drop another ribbon. Finally, add an outline for the shoe hole so we can move on to the next part.

Step 3

This is the third step of our dance shoe design guide. It will probably be the most complicated of all the steps in this guide! This is because we will be attracting a lot of stripes that are arriving off the shoes, and bringing the stripe flow to look just right can be a true challenge.

Earlier in the guide. We mentioned how you would like to copy the lines as they appear in the reference image. That’s particularly true here. As you draw these ribbons, remember how a real ribbon would look and flow, and then do your best to recreate it here.

We’re going to use a lot of wavy lines here to draw the bands, and they’ll go between the two shoes once the next one is added in the next step.

Step 4

You’ve got the hardest part of this ballet shoe out of the way, and now you’re ready to design the second shoe of the pair. This shoe has a similar structure to the first but with a slightly different angle.

The second will also stand upright, and you will draw the shoe hole with a long, rounded shape. So you can also draw a border around the hole and then use more curved lines for the front of the shoe.

A gap is left near the front of the top of the shoe, as we will add a bow, along with some final details in the next part.

Step 5

For this fifth step of our tutorial on drawing ballet shoes, we will finish the final details to prepare you for coloring in the last step. First, you can pull another thin loop onto the space you previously left near the front of the shoe.

Draw Ballet Shoes

We’re also going to draw another piece of ribbon that will fall on the right side of the shoe. Once these points have been marked, you are ready for the last step of the manual!

Can you think of more details to add to the image before proceeding? It might be fun to draw a cute background for the picture to personalize it further!

Step 6

Now it’s time to close this guide by adding beautiful colors to your dance shoe design. Ballet attire is usually paired with pink or light blue, and we chose the pink option for our sample image. While we mainly used pink, we added several shades to define the colors.

Ballet Shoes Drawing

When coloring, you can try experimenting with different artistic means, depending on what kind of color intensity you want. Acrylic paints and colored pencils help achieve brighter colors, while watercolors or colored pencils can be useful for some more subtle tones.

Your Ballet Shoes Drawing is Finished!

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