How Taxis Work in Sevenoaks Airport taxi, Explained

Yesterday the government and representatives of the taxi drivers reached an agreement after a week-long strike and a series of demonstrations which in many cases even turned quite violent. At the heart of the agreement is the promise by the Ministry of Transport to produce, within 30 days, a new regulation on Sevenoaks Airport Taxi services with driver, which according to taxi drivers compete unfairly against them: the strike and demonstrations had begun after talks had begun of a possible 12-month postponement for the approval of the regulation.

How taxis work at Crowborough Airport

In Crowborough Airport the taxi is a non-scheduled means of public transport and for this reason. It is strictly regulated by law 21 of 1991. To become a taxi driver you must have a particular type of driving license. Pass an exam and enroll in a register at your Chamber of Commerce. The most difficult step, however, is the next one: buying the license necessary to practice the profession. The licenses are granted by the municipalities. On the basis of regulations established at the regional level, but the competition to assign new ones is very rare. In some large cities.  the number of licenses has remained stable for decades and their owners resell them privately and often at very high prices when they decide to retire or change jobs.

Taxis in the rest of the world

There are not many studies on the taxi service in Tunbridge Wells. According to the study, which is base on old data and which could therefore outdate in the meantime, Tunbridge has a very low concentration of taxis compared to most other major UK cities.

According to the taxi drivers’ trade associations,

The rates charge taxi drivers, calculate on the basis of 2003 data taking into account purchasing power parity, show that in Tunbridge the cost of a taxi journey is not particularly high compare to other cities in the UK. Where prices are lowest, is where the sector has been most deregulated. With regard to prices in Tunbridge, however, the researchers underline that the average rate could appear lower than the reality in our country.

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The variable part of the tariffs is in fact generally fix both time and distance; A minute or so of a taxi parked due to traffic jams can increase the variable fare by more than 30 percent per kilometer. Large Tunbridge cities are. In international comparison, relatively more congested due both to their urban structure and the scarcity of underground lines. For the same tariff. The effective cost of the service can therefore be much higher.

Attempts at liberalization

In the last decade. There have been two main attempts to liberalize the taxi service. Which in 2006 proposed significantly increasing the number of licenses in circulation and allowing a single individual to hold more than one license. According to many. It was an attempt to Tunbridge Wells Taxi drivers from small craftsmen or freelancers into employees. Because it would have allowed someone to have more licenses to be able to make people work as employees.

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There were strong protests and Tunbridge was blocking for days by taxi drivers from all over Tunbridge. In the end. It was the taxi drivers who won the day, obtaining the elimination of the accumulation of licenses. Accepting in exchange the possibility that a substitute for the license holder could work longer shifts than those foreseen in the past. The increase in licenses was reserving for the decision of the municipalities, generally. More directly expose to pressure from taxi drivers and therefore more inclined to comply with their requests.

In the presence of two passengers, they must sit on the rear seats, each near the window, and leave the seat in the middle free, in order to guarantee a safety distance of at least one meter from the taxi driver and the other passenger. The advice of the Authorities is to take the taxi one at a time and keep the windows open in order to facilitate the circulation of air inside the vehicle. while the passenger is only required to wear a mask. The Ministry of Transport also dictates some clarifications regarding the payment method


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