how tall is levi ackerman and Age, Height, Birthday?


Did you ever wonder how tall Levi Ackerman is and their age, height, birthday? Well, we’ll let you know all the information on Levi Ackerman in this article. Levi was born in 1982 September 10th and is of course a voice actor.

What is Levi Ackerman’s Age, Height, and Birthday?

Levi Ackerman is a 44-year-old actor, producer and director. He was born on December 21, 1971 in Los Angeles, CA. Ackerman is 6’1″ tall and weighs 180 pounds. Ackerman has an older sister and a younger brother. He attended the University of Southern California (USC) where he studied theatre.  In 2003, Ackerman starred in the independent film “The Life & Death of Peter Sellers”. In 2006, Ackerman starred in the drama film “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” for which he received several awards including Best Actor at the Sundance Film Festival. After 2007, Ackerman directed and starred in the independent film “The Boy Who Cried Werewolf”. In 2010, Ackerman released his first book titled “Dear Evan Hansen: A Letter to My Younger Self”. In 2011, Ackerman directed and starred in the drama film “Role Models”. Between 2013, Ackerman directed and starred in the comedy film “

Levis Biography

Levi Ackerman is an American actor, singer, and guitarist. Ackerman was born in West Orange, New Jersey, to Carol (née Muehlberger), a secretary, and Jeffrey Ackerman, a real estate agent. He has one older sister, Shannon. Ackerman started his career as a child actor appearing in several commercials and in the 2002 feature film The Paperboy. He made his Broadway debut in the 2005 revival of The Normal Heart as Tommy Boatwright. Valor! Compassion! and in the 2010 revival of The Producers as Max Bialystock. In 2011 he starred opposite Sienna Miller in Christopher Hampton’s production of the musical Camelot at London’s West End theatre Royal National Theatre. On February 15th, 2017, Levi Ackerman married actress Talia Balsam at a private ceremony on Long Island.<br><br>Levi Ackerman was born on September 21st, 1988, in West Orange, New Jersey to Carol (née Muehlberger), a secretary, and Jeffrey Ackerman, a real estate agent. As a child actor, he appeared in several commercials and starred in the 2002 feature film The Paper.

Voice Actor of Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman is a voice actor who has provided the voice of many characters in animation and video games. Levi Ackerman was born in Los Angeles, California on March 25, 1984. Ackerman is 6’1″ tall and his birthday is March 25th.

Levis Caree

Levi Ackerman, who is known for his role as Eric Foreman on the popular TV sitcom “The Office,” was born on October 10, 1978 in Carlsbad, CA. Ackerman is 5’10” and has an estimated weight of 170 lbs. He was born to entertainers Ron and Shelly Ackerman and has two sisters, Laura and Melissa. Ackerman attended Carlsbad High School where he was a member of the varsity soccer and track teams. After high school, Ackerman attended Santa Monica College where he studied theater arts. 

Ackerman made his television debut in 2000 when he appeared as a guest star on an episode of “My So-Called Life. In addition to his starring role on “The Office,” Ackerman has also appeared in films such as “Ride Along” (2014), “Hotel Transylvania 2” (2015), and “War Dogs” (2016). In 2017


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