How Long Does It Take For Sabermasters To Ship Products?


Are you looking for a Sabermasters product that you can order and have shipped to you within a few days? Well, don’t worry – because that is exactly what you can expect from this company! Sabermasters offers fast shipping times for all of its products, so you can be sure that you will receive your order in a timely manner.

How Sabermasters Shipping Works

Sabermasters is a leading provider of shipping services for the gaming industry. We offer fast and reliable shipping for your products, no matter how large or small. Our shipping times are based on two factors: the weight of the product and the distance it needs to travel.

To calculate shipping time, Sabermasters takes into account both the weight of the product and its distance from our warehouse. The weight is based on the item’s size and shape, as well as any add-ons or packaging that may be included. The distance is based on where you are located in relation to our warehouse.

Here are some general tips to make sure your order arrives quickly:

1) Make sure your items are accurately weighed and measured before placing your order. This will help us determine the correct shipping charges.

2) Choose a shipping method that best suits your needs. We offer several different options, including ground, 2-day air, and overnight shipping.

3) Check the estimated delivery date once you have placed your order. This will give you an idea of when you can expect your package to arrive.

Sabermasters Shipping Times

Sabermasters ships products within two business days of receiving cleared payment. If the order is placed on a weekend or holiday, the product will ship the following workday. Orders placed before 12 p.m. EST are processed the same day.

Sabermasters Customer Service

If you need help with your saber, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. We are here to help and are usually very quick to respond. Our standard processing time for orders is generally 2-3 business days, but we do work quickly when possible. If you have any questions about your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sabermasters Shipping FAQs

Sabermasters strives to provide the best customer service possible. To ensure that your order arrives as quickly as possible, we have compiled some shipping FAQs for you to read.

-How long does it take for Sabermasters to ship products?

Orders placed before 2pm EST will ship the same day, while orders placed after 2pm EST will ship the following business day. We do not offer Saturday or Sunday shipping.

-What is Sabermasters’ processing time?

Most orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days of being received. However, during peak times (weekends and holidays) our processing time may be longer due to increased demand.
In cases where your order has been backordered or requires additional customization, please allow an additional 3-5 business days for processing and shipment.
We apologize for any delays caused by traffic or weather conditions. If you have had your order delayed for more than 5 business days, please contact us at so that we can investigate and correct the issue as soon as possible.


Thank you for reading our article on how long it takes for Sabermasters to ship products. We hope that this information has been useful and that you will find the answers you are looking for here. As always, if there is anything we can do to help please don’t hesitate to contact us at In the meantime, we wish you all the best!


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